Tips for success while completing your Media and Communications degree

Friday 1st February 2019  Posted in: Public Relations

After a long summer break, some students may be feeling a little out of practice, or perhaps some are nervous to start their first year of tertiary study. With the […]

Why small businesses need Public Relations

Wednesday 30th January 2019  Posted in: Public Relations

Understanding the importance of Public Relations in business promotion can be difficult, particularly for start-ups or small businesses with major competitors who might find it daunting trying to build brand […]

A guide to preparing a crisis communication plan

Tuesday 29th January 2019  Posted in: Crisis Management, Public Relations

Knowing how to appropriately negotiate a crisis is one of the cornerstones of an effective public relations strategy for any business. It’s standard practice for a business to respond to […]

types of issues in public relations

The challenges of modern PR

Friday 25th January 2019  Posted in: Public Relations, Publicity

Thanks to platforms like social media, digital newspapers, blogs and 24-hour television and radio current affairs channels, it’s never been easier to share news – which for Public Relations (PR) […]

How hashtags are the key to PR success

Wednesday 23rd January 2019  Posted in: Digital

Social media strategies are integral to creating successful public relations (PR) campaigns. There are many tools you can use, and one of the most effective tools is hashtags. Instagram, Twitter […]

crisis communication and public relations

Breaking down crisis communication for your organisation

Monday 21st January 2019  Posted in: Crisis Management

A crisis can’t always be prevented, but when handled the right way, effective crisis communication can recover your business from even the most disastrous of situations, ensuring your company’s reputational […]

media relations skills

The media relations skills you need for effective storytelling

Wednesday 16th January 2019  Posted in: Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is all about being able to tell a story in a way that connects with an audience. Stories tell a message, relay information and help us understand […]

Leisa Goddard

Telum Talks To Leisa Goddard

Tuesday 15th January 2019  Posted in: Publicity

Telum Talks To Leisa Goddard, Managing Director,  Adoni Media What is your approach to media training? If you are going to do media training, you want to do it with […]

The impact of technology on corporate communication

In a world where nearly everybody has a smartphone and easy access to a computer or tablet, it’s easy to see how technology has impacted the way we communicate. The […]

corporate communications strategies

How to build a strong corporate communication strategy

Friday 11th January 2019  Posted in: Corporate Communications

Corporate communications refers to the activities involved with managing both internal and external communication in business. The main goal of corporate communications is to create a positive, open communication flow […]