Instagram hides ‘like count’ from Australian users

Wednesday 24th July 2019  Posted in: Digital

Instagram has recently commenced a trial to hide ‘like’ counts in several countries including New Zealand, Canada and Ireland, with Australia being introduced to the trial late last week. Users […]

The importance of being reactive on social media

  Posted in: Digital

Too often businesses fall into the trap of creating social media accounts but then fail to manage them effectively. According to our own Isobel Gordon who manages Adoni Media’s social […]

What journalists look for in a news story

Monday 22nd July 2019  Posted in: Public Relations

Journalists are responsible for keeping the public up to date with the latest news events and stories.  In order to gain the media’s attention, it’s important to understand what journalists […]

How to make the most of your internship

Friday 19th July 2019  Posted in: Public Relations

At Adoni Media, we’re proud to have an internship program where university students, or anyone interested in public relations can join our team to learn the “ins and outs” of […]

From Our Interns: Taylah’s Experience

Thursday 18th July 2019  Posted in: From our interns

Being in my final year of a Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) and a Bachelor of Media & Communication with an in-house internship under my belt, I knew I wanted […]

How media training can help your organisation respond to a crisis

Wednesday 17th July 2019  Posted in: Media Training

During a crisis, your organisation will likely receive more media attention than you’ve ever experienced before. This can become a problem when your team is unsure of how to respond […]

Five essentials for cultivating media relationships

Monday 15th July 2019  Posted in: Public Relations

Forming strong relationships with journalists are a vital component to being a successful Public Relations (PR) professional. Most journalists receive hundreds of pitches a day and many get ignored, regardless […]

How your business can recover from a crisis

Friday 12th July 2019  Posted in: Crisis Management

The recovery stage after a crisis is often underappreciated or skipped entirely despite its vital role in restoring confidence and trust in an organisation. After a business experiences a crisis, […]

How to stay proactive on social media

Wednesday 10th July 2019  Posted in: Digital

Too often, businesses create a Facebook or Instagram page but fail to keep it updated. With the increase in digital communication channels, social media management is essential and neglecting it […]

How to leverage your media wins

Monday 8th July 2019  Posted in: Publicity

Has your business been mentioned in a newspaper article? Or maybe one of your great PR stories has been published to a top online platform? Harnessing the power of Public […]