Crisis Management

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When something goes wrong, you need the advice and the advantage of having a journalist who knows exactly how the media operates working on your side. When it comes to protecting your brand and reputation, it is about being pro-active and better still, being prepared.

Accidents, disasters and scandals plunge companies into crisis. Through an effective crisis management plan, Adoni Media has discreetly advised businesses and individuals through those critical first few hours, days and weeks when their reputation, brand and share price face irreparable damage.

Adoni Media’s crisis management team is uniquely qualified, with corporate communication specialists and journalists who have first-hand experience both covering and managing high-profile companies and individuals in crisis. Together, they partner with your team to predict, plan and deliver media plans to repair and rebuild reputations.

With today’s 24 hour news cycle, social media and a camera in every smartphone, many companies and boards consider crisis management and media training an essential part of risk mitigation. It’s why we work with so many Fortune 500 and ASX-listed companies to conduct risk assessments, crisis management plans, and media support.

How to Manage a Crisis

When something goes wrong, it’s vital that you are prepared and proactive so that you can position yourself to achieve the best possible outcome to protect your brand and reputation.

Good crisis management comes down to:

  • Crisis communication
  • A pre-emptive risk analysis
  • Prior crisis management training with our crisis management workshop (and having a crisis manager or outside consultant)
  • Prior media training with our expert PR firm
  • Having a crisis management response plan

Crisis Communication

A business or individual can turn a seemingly small event into a PR disaster with poor media communication, poor messaging, poor crisis management and poor social media engagement.

When you are under-prepared, it can result in more negative press and further damage.

At Adoni Media, we offer crisis management consulting to help you prepare for the worst and develop strategic goals to start repairing the damage.

Comprehensive business crisis management requires communication training to pre-empt the risks, identify and develop strategies around likely scenarios, and ensure spokespeople are media trained to be confident and comfortable when answering the most difficult questions.

Crisis Management Training

As part of your crisis management behaviour plan, we recommend you designate a crisis manager who has access to pre-prepared response strategies and media crisis plans. In the chaos of a crisis, a business crisis management plan is essential for managing the situation and the media.

Adoni Media has dedicated specialists to identify your organisation’s risks, develop risk management and response plans, and support you through a crisis.

Our crisis communication workshop will help you prepare for any question the media may throw at you and what your responses should be in return.

Your Crisis Safety Management Plan

It is very important that your business has a crisis management intervention plan in place to mitigate the potential risks that can come about from a crisis event. When you are developing a crisis management plan, it needs to have a few essential elements.

Activation guidelines

You need to ensure that you have defined what a crisis is and conduct a thorough risk assessment of your organisation. Adoni Media has played a critical role in major crisis communication and crisis management exercises for ASX-listed companies operating in high-risk environments.

Only by identifying potential worst-case scenarios can companies create effective crisis management plans and prepare the templates, the time frames and the briefings needed to ensure a quick activation.

Think about your plan of action

When a crisis happens, a well-researched, crisis communications plan will guide you through the chaos of responding to an ever-changing media situation. In those first 24 hours, what you do and say, and how you respond, will set the tone. How would you control the media?

Pre-approve your crisis messaging

When companies are faced with a crisis, one of the redeeming things that can happen is clear and consistent communication with key stakeholders. You want to make sure that you have your communication mapped out – including the lines of communication and any talking points.

This messaging needs to consist of main points, channels for communication, any hashtags you’ll use, first response statements and official written communication to your key stakeholders. It’s helpful to also have a list of frequently asked questions for people to refer to on your website/channels.


In a crisis situation, with the media calling and social media trending, you have to react quickly. A crisis communication plan provides clear, proven guidelines on what to do and when statements, agreements, access passwords, contact numbers, protocol need to be actioned, the last thing you want to be doing is scrabbling for resources – which is why you need to have anything and everything you might need in one place.

Things like statements, agreements, network access passwords, useful information and anything else you might need in the event of a crisis need to be easily accessible in one location.

Adoni Media for Business Crisis Management

Don’t leave your future reputation to chance.

Planning is the key to business crisis management and Adoni Media’s specialist team has worked on both sides – in the media and now, managing the media.

Crisis management and business continuity will go smoothly with the right amount of preparation, training and expert advice.

Top ASX-listed companies mitigate their risks and run crisis communication exercises and train staff on how to respond.

A plan is your tool for surviving a crisis. We use our experience to help you prepare and we urge you to think and plan ahead.