How to get a head start in PR

Wednesday 5th December 2018  Posted in: Public Relations

Whether you’re a journalist wanting a career change, a student about to graduate from university or just interested in the world of Public Relations (PR), it’s hard to know how […]

Media students reminded scholarship deadline looms

Friday 30th November 2018  Posted in: News

Media students are being reminded applications for a scholarship from award-winning television journalist Leisa Goddard close in a fortnight. The Logie Award-nominated journalist has more than 25 years’ experience working […]

The impact of internet on reputation management

Wednesday 28th November 2018  Posted in: Digital

The internet and its role in everyday life has led to a major reinvention in the way businesses operate and market themselves, and reputation management is no exception. Traditionally, reputation […]

Tips on how to effectively manage a crisis

Thursday 22nd November 2018  Posted in: Crisis Management, Public Relations

No matter what size your business is, you should invest in effective crisis management tools, plans, and support. Without a crisis strategy, minor issues can turn into larger ones and […]

A day in the life of a public relations officer

Friday 16th November 2018  Posted in: Public Relations

A public relations officer (also known as a public relations specialist) plays an important role in creating the public’s perception of an individual or company through organising and managing media […]

How to plan events for public relations

  Posted in: Public Relations, Publicity

Events planned for media are vital if you want to achieve positive publicity and have an effective public relations strategy that achieves real ROI. Building brand awareness and engaging with […]

Reputation management case studies

Friday 9th November 2018  Posted in: Public Relations

Time and time again we’ve seen individuals and companies have their reputation ruined instantly following controversy, speculation, or disasters. As these occur quickly, it’s important for your business to be […]

What is a crisis management plan?

  Posted in: Crisis Management

Crisis management is the process by which an organisation responds to a sudden emergency situation. These crises can be defined as anything that negatively threatens an organisation’s operation and will […]

Why is Public Relations important?

Wednesday 31st October 2018  Posted in: Public Relations

The main function of Public Relations is to persuade the public to promote, purchase, recognise or support a brand, product, or organisation. Public Relations officers also strive to build and […]

The history of public relations

  Posted in: Public Relations

Public relations explained Public relations has existed for centuries. From the ancient Egyptians to the medieval period – people have been using devices and channels to relay important information to […]