How we turned a bad news story into good publicity

Thursday 13th June 2019  Posted in: Publicity

The media loves controversy, and in that there can be good media opportunities if you know how to play it. When a Sunshine Coast Council slapped a family with a […]

From Our Interns: Emma’s Experience

Wednesday 12th June 2019  Posted in: From our interns

Being in my third year at QUT studying a Mass Communications degree, I was eager to finally gain some experience and get insight into the world of PR. I am […]

From Our Interns: Irina’s Experience

Monday 10th June 2019  Posted in: From our interns

As a second-year student completing my Bachelor of Business (Public Relations)/ Bachelor of Media and Communications degrees, and who has already completed an internship at 4ZZZ, I was ready to […]

Effective political communication amid a crisis

Monday 3rd June 2019  Posted in: Crisis Management

  Combating crises and communicating effectively with a nation through tough times is a vital responsibility of political leaders. With the Australian Federal election just around the corner, our Communications […]

From Our Interns: Derin’s Experience

Tuesday 14th May 2019  Posted in: From our interns

As I entered the final year of my Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) degree, I’d already completed one internship and was most certainly eager for another. Interning is honestly my […]

From Our Interns: Emma’s Experience

Tuesday 30th April 2019  Posted in: From our interns

In my final year of a Bachelor Business (Public Relations)/ Bachelor Media and Communication, and with a content/marketing internship under my belt, I wanted to gain more PR related experience. […]

How to maintain your brand’s image during a crisis

Monday 29th April 2019  Posted in: Crisis Management

Maintaining brand image throughout a crisis is crucial for keeping the organisation’s reputation and positive public perception intact. According to our Managing Director, Leisa Goddard, brand image is successfully maintained […]

How to manage a media relations strategy

Tuesday 23rd April 2019  Posted in: Publicity

The thought of managing media relations can sometimes be daunting. Who do I call? What do I say? How do I know if my pitch is newsworthy? Having a tailored […]

How to build your brand’s reputation

Monday 1st April 2019  Posted in: Digital, Public Relations

Brand reputation management is arguably the most important aspect of any business, as it can make or break your company. Brand reputation is the sum of ideas and emotions that […]

Top tips for improving your corporate communication skills

Friday 22nd March 2019  Posted in: Corporate Communications

  Many studies indicate candidates that have effective communication skills are the most desirable in a workplace. There are many ways to drastically improve corporate communication skills, but it is […]