How to leverage Taylor Swift in PR

    The Taylor Swift Australia tour has highlighted a hard economic truth – mass fandom is big business. The pop icon’s stadium shows are expected to generate $136 million in economic activity as fans flock to Melbourne and Sydney to see their idol in concert.

    Frontier Touring expects 6,000 international visitors and 60,000 interstate visitors will descend on NSW alone, for the four concerts at Accor Stadium. All those “Swifties” will be requiring flights, transportation, accommodation, and food over the length of their stay, supercharging the state economy.

    Those with Taylor Swift Australia tickets are also likely to be over consuming news and information about the pop icon during the Australian tour, offering PR and “newsjacking” opportunities like never before.

    Taylor is a pop culture icon of a generation, and able to influence her massive fan base through her music, image, clothes, views, and actions.


    The Taylor Swift Effect

    Taylor’s economic and cultural impact is so profound, that it has been given its own name: “The Taylor Swift Effect.”  Taylor can boost sales and engagement just by showing up to event, let alone through what’s she wearing, eating, drinking, or doing.

    Perhaps the most shining example of current “Swiftenomics” has been Taylor’s impact on building support for American football, or the NFL.

    Taylor’s boost to NFL viewership

    The Pop icon’s current relationship with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce has shone a light on her massive cultural impact.

    Sales of his No.87 jersey has jumped 400 per cent since they started dating, according to seller Fanatics.  The NFL fan base is also changing rapidly to reflect new female followers.

    According to Forbes, there has been a 53 per cent increase in female viewers aged between 12 and 17, a 34 per cent increase in female viewers over 35, and a 24 per cent jump in female viewers aged 18 to 24.

    The morning after a Taylor-attended game, the NFL churned out dozens of social media posts, that mentioned the pop icon and featured her photo, all in the interest of leveraging her massive fan base and influence for the good of the game.

    Looking for media opportunities – Taylor inspired cocktails

    A seasoned PR Specialist is always on the lookout for opportunities to “news jack” – the art of boosting sales or growing brand profile, by leveraging a current news event.

    Adoni Media client Allara Global is the world’s leading online learning platform for the hospitality industry and is training up a new generation of bartenders around the world.

    To celebrate her Australian tour, award-winning Mixologist Marco Nunes created three “Tay Tay” cocktails with each one inspired by a well-known Taylor lyric.

    The Midnight Martini, Lover Cosmo and Cruel Summer Spritz, are a fusion of taste and sound, that reflect the mood of recent Taylor albums, and extend the tour experience for fans.

    The feel-good story hit the mark. It was picked up by several national hospitality publications, and provided content for social media posts, reflecting the current Taylor buzz, and elevating the Allara brand.

    Timing is everything

    With newsjacking, timing is fundamental to the success of a PR campaign. Miss the “wave” of interest, and your story will not get the coverage it deserves.

    A deep understanding of news cycles, news angles, and trending topics is required to identify media opportunities and execute them in a timely fashion.

    Let us find ways to supercharge your PR

    A PR plan that includes potential “news jacking” opportunities is a vital element of any media strategy, and key to strategic storytelling.

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