Media Training

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Adoni's team delivers media training that builds confidence and empowers leaders with presentation skills and key messaging to manage pro-active and reactive media

Leaders trust Adoni because of our proven experience and our reputation.

Our media trainers are experienced senior journalists and media advisors who have asked the tough questions for decades and worked within government ranks to prepare politicians, including a Prime Minister.

Adoni is an established, bi-partisan agency and our team leaders know, from working on programs such as Today Tonight and A Current Affair, what is expected and what is required to be media ready.

The training delivered is practical. There are no PowerPoints nor long lectures just a focus on improving presentation skills, key messages, delivery and confidence.

Clients describe it as the “best media training I’ve done”.






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Learn the skills and techniques needed to help control an interview as we coach you through sit-down interviews, a press conference, radio interview and a simulated, live TV cross.


Build your confidence by learning the psychology of speaking to your audience and how you can use key messaging and bridging skills to help with public speaking and presentations.


Master your next virtual presentation or online meeting with tips and advice on where to look, how to prepare, what equipment to use and importantly what you should never do.


“No comment” is NOT the answer but having a confident spokesperson is essential. Learn how to communicate effectively in a high-pressure situation with practical exercises using scenarios relevant to you and your industry.

“CEOs and leaders are given pages of key messages but it’s not until media training that most stop and put them into their own words. Media training isn’t  just about improving presentation skills and techniques, it’s about finding ways to better connect with your audience,” – Leisa Goddard

Training to prepare for every media scenario

With the explosion of social media and the insatiable 24-hour news cycle, a story can become global in seconds.

How are you placed to deal with a phone call from a journalist?

What would you do if you were ambushed by a television crew?

Adoni’s media trainers use their decades of experience to help you understand your rights, give you the tools to manage a surprise interview and teach you the techniques needed to help control an interview.

What is Media Training?

Media training is a half or full day workshop that prepares individuals or groups to respond to and manage media situations. During training participants learn:

  • What is newsworthy?
  • What to do when a journalist calls
  • What journalists want?
  • Interview techniques
  • How to develop key messages to control an interview
  • Techniques for delivering effective interview grabs
  • Body language
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Breathing for confidence
  • Public speaking techniques
  • Online presentation tips
  • How to respond in a crisis

Why having a trained spokesperson in a crisis is essential

Boards consider media training for senior executives essential to risk mitigation.

Adoni provides specialised crisis management consulting services and media training is an important pillar of a company’s crisis communication plan.

Too often media attention comes when leaders are not prepared and that puts their reputation at risk and damages the company’s brand trust and share price.

Accidents, scandals, failures in governance and third-party controversies can create a media frenzy. As a team, Adoni regularly manages crises and it’s at that point that all parties want to know there is a clear, confident and concise spokesperson ready to face the media.