Media Training

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Adoni Media has a proven media training program that delivers measurable, immediate results.

Our experience has seen us help an extensive list of CEOs, executives, academics, not-for-profit, community and business leaders prepare for and manage media interviews across television, radio and print.

Adoni Media’s founder, Leisa Goddard, gives your team the advantage of being trained by a journalist who has decades of experience in asking tough questions on programs including Seven’s Today Tonight and Nine’s A Current Affair. It means your team learns the vital interview skills needed to be a confident and effective spokesperson while getting an invaluable insight into how the media works.


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Get personalised training on how to conduct interviews, deliver key messages and present yourself to the media.


Our team of experienced radio presenters, journalists and producers understand what makes a great radio interview.


Award-winning journalist Leisa Goddard will teach you vital presentation skills to help prepare for any situation.


Learn how to communicate effectively with advanced techniques, hands-on exercises and real-life examples.

“There are no power points nor long lectures, just practical training. We use real television cameras, lights, and sound equipment so you get real interview experience.” – Leisa Goddard

Why it’s important

With the explosion of social media and the insatiable 24-hour news cycle, a story can become global in seconds.

How are you placed to deal with a phone call from a journalist? What do you do if you’re ambushed by a television crew?

Our media and interview training gives you the answers and skills to control the situation and, ultimately, the power to control your message.

What is Media Training?

Media training sessions are half or full day with one-on-one and small group coaching where you learn:

  • What is newsworthy?
  • What to do when a journalist calls
  • What do journalists really want?
  • Interview techniques
  • Deliver effective interview grabs
  • Develop key messages to control an interview
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Body language/presentation skills
  • Crisis management

It’s all about preparation and that is why media training is so important.

“What are you going to ask?” is the most common question from people about to be  interviewed. The reality is, in most cases, the journalist will never tell you.

Our goal is to keep you on your toes to ensure that you are entirely prepared for all manner of media interviews.

Risk Management

Risk mitigation is critical to success in business and knowing how to deal with the media is essential to your crisis management plan.

In today’s 24 hours news cycle with live social media feeds and every word able to be instantly broadcast, it’s more important than ever to have media coaching and a bullet-proof crisis management safety plan.

Our Adoni Media team has developed a unique “stopwatch grab” technique to teach you how to effectively deliver a media-friendly grab or quote that can help you master the art of media interviews.

Many prudent boards consider media training for senior executives as an essential risk mitigation strategy. Adoni Media offers specialised crisis management consulting to ensure business continuity in the toughest of circumstances.

Too often media attention comes at the least opportune time, and regrettably, it is often because of unwelcome news. Stories such as job cuts, a scandal involving the CEO or company, a merger failure, or a campaign that has caused controversy are all issues that will have the media knocking at your door.

Worse still, is when there is an accident or disaster. In these instances, an immediate and thorough crisis management response plan is needed, and it’s imperative to your reputation and the reputation of your company that you are able to perform successfully for the media. Regrettably, for many, it’s only once the media is circling like sharks that their media education begins.

At Adoni Media, our team is regularly called on to assist with crisis management. It’s at that point our clients wish they had acted earlier.