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Our trainers have been preparing industry leaders for a decade. They are former senior journalists who have asked the tough questions reporting for programs such as A Current Affair, and media advisors who have worked within the Commonwealth Government preparing senior politicians.

Boards consider media training essential for senior executives and critical to promoting and protecting a company’s reputation.

With the demands of a 24-hour news cycle and the exposure from social media, leaders need the interview and presentation skills to respond to and manage the media at a moment’s notice.

Media training provides safe, practical on-camera experience in delivering key messages to prepare for television, radio, print, and online.

  • Practical On-Camera Interview Training

    Learn the skills and techniques to control an interview as experienced trainers coach you through sit-down interviews, press conferences, and live TV crosses with Q&A scenarios relevant to your industry.

  • Public Speaking and Presentation Training

    Understand the psychology behind engaging with your audience, how to develop key messaging, learn the 'bridging' techniques to manage difficult questions, and how to deliver the right message at the right time.

  • Online Presentation Training

    Improve online presentation skills to master your next virtual presentation or online meeting with advice on how to prepare, how to present, and the technical do's and don'ts.

  • Crisis Response Training

    Learn how to communicate effectively in a high pressure situation with practical scenario training relevant to your industry and why 'No Comment' is not the answer.

  • Understanding the Media

    A check list on what to do when the media calls. Your rights and how the media works.

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