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Adoni’s producers, camera crews, and editors each have decades of TV news and documentary experience. We use those skills to support you to produce broadcast-quality videos that help you maximise your audience reach across media, your website, social media, and investor channels.

Adoni is an industry leader in producing Video News Releases (VNRs) with proven results in achieving increased media coverage for clients.

  • Video News Release

    A solution for providing footage and interviews to newsrooms when TV crews cannot attend or regional media want to cover your story and need video content.

  • ASX Announcements

    Speak directly to your shareholders and stakeholders with video presentations of your financial results and company milestones.

  • Social Media Content

    Deliver engaging and educational video content across social media channels to share achievements, raise awareness, and support community engagement initiatives.

  • Corporate Videos

    Showcase your values, results, and leadership by telling your story through high-production corporate videos that can be featured on websites and presented at AGMs, townhalls, and used to support government and investor relations.

Video News Releases Generate Media Coverage

How a Video News Release Works

When you have a media event, operations in a remote location, or need behind-the-scenes footage your solution is a Video News Release (VNR).

We do the work a television news crew would do.

Our broadcast camera crews capture the footage, our producers ask the questions, we edit the highlights and the best of the news-friendly “grabs” (quotes), and send a digital link to newsrooms as part of your PR plan.

Adoni Media VNRs have generated news overage across regional, state, national, and international television, as well as online.

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