Video Production

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Video content is the new powerful way to have your story told and your business found.

Corporate videos, on-line video and Video News Releases (a package of pictures and interviews given to a TV journalist to create a story) are the way of the future.

Adoni Media has some of Australia’s best television cameramen and marketing video production crews working to meet the ever increasing demand for video.

Predictions are video will drive 85 percent of internet searches by next year and for businesses wanting to stand out quality video content will be the game-changer.


Video content, particularly marketing ads that use video, generate higher audience engagement and more click-throughs than traditional Facebook Ads and posts and in today’s competitive online world that is what you want.

For business wanting to grow on social media, shorter videos (less than 2 minutes in duration) are the most effective with subtitles are critical as the majority of people don’t watch with sound.

What our Adoni Media digital marketing and video production teams do know is that our clients are reporting higher engagement and conversion to sale rates with increases of up to 300% after incorporating video into their marketing plan.


Adoni Media video new releases achieve national media coverage.

Give TV journalists and online editors what they need to tell your story – quality video.

A Video News Release solves the problem of television newsrooms not having a camera crew to send your media event.

Adoni Media sends an experienced TV journalist and video news release production crew to film general overlay footage and interviews, then edits and sends the broadcast quality video content directly to newsrooms for journalists to use.

You would undoubtedly have seen Adoni Media produced Video News Releases (VNR) on television news and online without even knowing it. Stories such as the latest stage show to hit town, a new medical procedure or the release of a new product gain quality TV coverage for our clients.


Large corporations wanting to personalise their story rely on corporate videos to help with community relations and connect with investors and stakeholders. It’s a powerful way to present year-on-year milestones and showcase new ventures.

Adoni Media’s very experienced corporate video production team, led by Leisa Goddard, works with top tier companies to deliver high quality video presentations which are shared at AGMs, town halls, investor relations events and company websites.