Internship at Adoni Media: Grace’s Experience

    With my bachelor’s degree in business international, majoring in public relations and management, coming to an end, I knew it was time to gain industry experience to better prepare me for my chosen career in public relations.

    I was extremely eager to find out what life was like in the industry I chose, and to learn form those who had been working in this area for years. I knew an internship experience was not only another tick on my resume, but also an invaluable experience at this time in my career, so when I came across the opportunity to apply for an internship at a top PR agency in Brisbane, I simply couldn’t pass it up.

    Adoni Media provided the perfect opportunity for me, offering an extensive internship experience in an industry environment which encompassed the ins and outs of the daily life as a PR professional.


    Immersive experience

    This amazing experience was highly immersive from my first day in the office. With the help of Jane and the incredible team, I began straight away, writing blogs and media releases to sharpen my written communication skills, researching clients and events, and being able to sit in on client meetings to fully understand the inner workings of a PR role.

    I received feedback on my writing, guided on how to tailor my approaches to the correct audiences, and gain the understandings which were overlooked throughout my time at university.

    Although I have learnt a lot from my years at QUT, nothing could compare to this internship. The sheer volume of practical knowledge I have obtained is incomparable, with university focusing more on traditional and technical aspects of the industry, this internship was a refreshing experience.

    Sitting in on client meetings was one of the more invaluable experiences this opportunity has provided me. Witnessing how ideas are formulated and seeing these ideas become a reality as campaigns are released and monitored.

    The team at Adoni Media made me feel apart of the office, creating a true workplace feel to the experience. Including me in discussions and valuing my participation as though I was apart of the team created an immersive internship experience like no other.

    Highly Recommend

    This experience has prepared me for a future in this industry, like no other part of my degree has, equipping me with the tools necessary to successfully enter the PR field. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

    I have had a glimpse into life working within an agency and absolutely loved it. The team really does do incredible work, and everyone creates an amazing workplace environment through their overwhelming kindness and professionalism.

    The team works collaboratively, using each other’s ideas and advice regardless of hierarchy. They have all been incredibly supportive of me throughout my time here, ready to answer any of my questions or clarify instructions, whilst including me in casual conversations. Each of them has truly made this experience special, offering different insights and advice which I will carry with me.

    This internship experience has created a newfound confidence in my PR capabilities, building my skills, and my understanding of working within this industry. The wealth of knowledge that the team has shared with me has better equipped me to handle the challenges ahead as I enter the industry.

    The overall personal and professional growth I have had through this immersive experience is unlike anything else and I simply couldn’t endorse enough the value of an internship, especially one as structured and captivating as Adoni’s.

    I feel so privileged to have had this experience and believe anyone approaching the end of their degree should apply for an internship with Adoni Media to build and challenge their PR capabilities. If you’re interested in an internship with Adoni Media, you can apply by sending a cover letter, a copy of your resume, and some writing examples to: [email protected]