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Beginning her career as a teenager, Leisa worked in newspapers in regional Queensland and understands how parochial media markets can be and why this is so important when it comes to media strategies.

From cadet journalist to sub-editor, Leisa at a very early age was a gatekeeper for information – deciding what stories would make it and what media releases would end up in the bin.

As a foreign correspondent she continued managing the news cycle, but on a larger scale and she still remains a “gatekeeper” with her work at Nine.

Leisa sees PR through the eyes of a journalist. She has, and still is, in the media industry and knows what works.

“What makes news hasn’t changed. Yet, how it’s presented to journalists and news-rooms has.” – Leisa Goddard.

Now, she wants her clients to understand what works and more importantly how to be prepared if the media comes calling. To do that Leisa has created a PR and digitally savvy team whose main objective is to take control of your message.

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