How Bluey is the Sunshine State’s greatest PR asset

    Queensland is in the middle of a “Bluey Bonanza”, with the launch of a new PR and tourism campaign featuring the beloved Blue Heeler, and the State’s most famous destinations.

    “Queensland is Bluey’s World for Real” is the State Government’s biggest tourism campaign in a decade and encourages visitors to “come play” in Bluey’s hometown of Brisbane, as well as the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Great Barrier Reef.

    Queensland’s favourite son, Robert Irwin, is the face launching the campaign into the international markets where Bluey is so incredibly popular.


    Adoni Media Founder Leisa Goodard said the campaign has instant global appeal. “Bluey is loved around the world and leveraging the combined power of Blue and Robert Irwin to promote Queensland as a destination is a PR and marketing masterstroke,” Ms Goddard said.

    The launch featured a successful world record attempt to play the biggest game of “Keepy Uppy”,  based on Bluey’s favourite pastime, where a ball must be kept from touching the ground for as long as possible. “We had already seen national and international news coverage when BBC Studios announced in December 2023 that Bluey’s World was going to open in Brisbane.

    “At that announcement we saw politicians, studio, and tourism bosses alongside the characters. What Tourism and Events Queensland have done now, especially with the “Keepy Uppy” world record attempt and partnering with Robert Irwin, is add even more colour and excitement to the lead up to the official opening,” she said.

    The Bluey tourism campaign demonstrates important PR principles, including targeting a story to key markets and demographics, identifying the best platforms for audience reach, looking for creative and interesting angles, seeking out meaningful partnerships, and leveraging popular opinion or trends.

    Target your campaign

    To maximise the success of any PR and marketing campaign, it’s essential to understand the key market, in terms of geographical location and demographic. The Queensland Government’s Bluey initiative will feature online ads in New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, US, and UK, where the adorable Heeler family are proving most popular.

    CEO of Tourism and Events QLD Patricia O’Callaghan said activations and “special surprises” are planned in each one of those five carefully chosen strategic regions, to supercharge impact.

    Create a newsworthy event

    The campaign launch was given instant “newsworthiness” with the staging of the World’s biggest game of “Keepy Uppy”. Inflatable red balls had to be kept airborne in activations across Cairns, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, attended by a wide range of media. The event created not just a news angle with the setting of a World Record but provided bright and colourful vision for TV use across multiple markets.

    Look to create great partnerships

    The Bluey tourism campaign featured Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit, as well as another impressive Queenslander, in global media personality Robert Irwin. The son of Wildlife Warrior Steve Irwin is the face of the international tourism ads urging fans to head our way to see Bluey’s World “for real”, including visiting many of the iconic locations, featured in the TV series. Ms Goddard said creating a Bluey and Robert Irwin partnership, packs a PR double punch. “Both Bluey and Robert are Queenslanders recognised around the world and their popularity will help drive engagement particularly across digital platforms,” she said.

    Leverage popular opinion or trends.

    An important tool in public relations, is “social listening”, where professionals lean into online conversations to identify emerging trends or insights. “Bluey is an international sensation with the show loved by parents and children. In terms of tourism the invitation to ‘come and play’ is expected to translate to 1.3 million travellers,” Ms Goddard said.

    Timing is Key

    Ms Goddard worked with BBC Studios to produce a Video News Release (VNR) to first announce the news that Bluey’s World was coming to Brisbane. The launch of the Bluey tourism campaign has now been timed to coincide with the release of more than 600 Queensland holiday deals. The message clearly is start planning now with the immersive, Bluey’s World attraction, due to open at Brisbane’s North Shore in November, 2024.

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