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Our media relations and management experience is your advantage

Adoni Media’s team of journalists, PR professionals, digital experts, video production crews and IPO advisors invests the time to understand our clients, so we create and deliver media solutions that achieve real and measurable results.

We have proven results that our media relations work and media relations strategies grow start-ups, raise brand awareness and change and influence public opinion.

Adoni Media founder Leisa Goddard values integrity and fosters long-term relationships with clients, connecting them with a vast media network established over more than 25 years.

Media Relations Services

Our media relations team are experts in their fields having worked at the highest levels of Australian media, corporate and government sectors.

Who better to advise on media strategy and generating free media and effective campaigns than a journalist like Leisa Goddard who has spent decades as a “media gatekeeper” making daily decisions about what stories and interviews appear on the news?

Our expertise is in news reporting and management, strategic corporate relations, corporate media consulting and corporate media training, media relations and media relations training, IPO communication, campaign planning and execution, issues and crisis management, training, and stakeholder and community engagement.

To succeed in the media, you must deliver succinct and clear messaging. Our experienced team train you on how to identify and present your message to engage with your target audience and achieve your desired outcome.

Media Relations Strategy

At Adoni Media, we develop media relations strategies that are tailored to your business and its needs. Media relations is a key part of all public relations strategies whether it’s for a specific event or a broader media campaign.


In media relations, as in business, it is about who you know. Leisa Goddard works with clients to build their profile to make them a “go to” person for the media when journalists need expert comment from professionals in your industry.

Crafting Your Message

Much of what is said in the media needs to be as short and concise as possible. Whether you are seeking to promote a new product or looking to make an announcement for your company, a lot of the success of your message comes down to how you communicate it.

Our Adoni Media team helps you to develop a consistent, strong and concise message that resonates with your target audience and works for your business, not against it.

Media Relations Training

Adoni Media’s core value is helping clients control their message. We use our experience to help with crisis communications, media relations training, and comprehensive digital and media management.

We invite you to consider how important experience is when you need a professional service because experience is what we offer.

Corporate Media Consulting

Our corporate media consulting gives you the advantage of being trained by journalists with decades of experience in asking tough questions.