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In today’s noisy world, you must speak to your audience with one voice across all channels.

Consumers and stakeholders must clearly understand who you are, what you stand for, and what you offer and that leaves no room for mixed messaging.

It’s why our digital team study analytics and use data to build out campaigns and create content that aligns with the language and branding used across PR to build brand awareness and target your key audience.

  • Social Media

    On-message and high-quality content to drive growth and engagement.

  • Content Writing

    Well-written blogs and articles to increase awareness and build SEO.

  • SEO

    Build website authority so more people find you when searching online.

  • Google Ads

    Capture your target audience with analytics-driven Google AdWords campaigns.

  • Video Content

    Tell your story and promote your brand through social media videos.

  • Government Relations

    Create integrated campaigns that raise awareness and advocate for change using digital and traditional media.

Digital & PR Working Together

Online, the goal is to be number one in a Google search and top of mind when it comes to your key audience.

Fewer than 10 per cent of people ever click past page one of Google, it’s why having a combined content writing, SEO, SEM campaign that aligns with your PR is to important.

Adoni has proven success delivering integrated multi-media campaigns that launch new businesses, products, and advocate for change.

To understand more about how these effective campaigns work, such as Disability Doesn’t Discriminate, you can read more here


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