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Clients report increases in sales of up to a 300% within weeks, social media posts go viral reaching half a million people, and performance data shows businesses are converting more high-value customers because SEO-improves Google rankings.

Our experience has seen us help an extensive list of CEOs, executives, academics, not-for-profit, community and business leaders prepare for and manage media interviews across television, radio and print.

Adoni Media’s founder, Leisa Goddard, gives your team the advantage of being trained by a journalist who has decades of experience in asking tough questions on programs including Seven’s Today Tonight and Nine’s A Current Affair. It means your team learns the vital interview skills needed to be a confident and effective spokesperson while getting an invaluable insight into how the media works.

“Because we’ve learnt the most effective digital strategy is driven by data and supported with PR” – Leisa Goddard


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A Google Ads (SEM) campaign – keywords that direct the right audience to your website – it’s the fastest way to grow engagement and boost sales.

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Increase your Google ranking (SEO) so more people find you. With Adoni Media we add PR support to give people a reason to want to  search.

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Engage directly with more people to generate leads using high quality content and investing in targeted, data driven advertising that delivers measurable results.

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High quality content for your website and social media must include useful and interesting information that will make people want to find out more.

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Video a powerful marketing tool helping small business owners right up to big corporations promote their brand and speak directly to their target audience.

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Podcasts are on track to replace radio with 32% of Australians listening to podcasts in 2020. A well produced podcast is essential if you want to stand out.

We’re doing Digital differently to help you rank and give you free PR

You’ve invested in a website because you want customers to find you and like you, we’re sick of digital being a confusing mishmash of buzzwords and acronyms. Like you, we just want to see results!

AdWords campaigns, when run properly, deliver faster and measurable results. It’s a great way to affordably kickstart your online marketing and that’s why have an expert team doing it.

But, we know ranking above your competitors without having to buy ads is the long-term goal. Organic, first page search engine rankings generate leads and increase sales. Fewer than 10% of people ever click past page one of a Google search.

What are we doing? We’ve streamlined digital marketing.

To help you out rank and out perform your competitors, while benefiting from more instant results from increased traffic, we’ve overhauled our approach to digital.

GONE are the often confusing bundles of separate, multi-level SEM and SEO packages.

HERE we’re delivering one streamlined, integrated solution to grow your business with:

  • Increased traffic – Adwords (SEM)
  • Increased ranking – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Increased brand awareness – Public Relations (PR)

One team – Google certified digital experts, journalists, PR specialists and production teams – working together. We call it SEO PLUS.