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InfoTrack Australia partnered with Adoni Media to help position the company as a recognised industry leader for data, research, and analysis on Australia’s property market. Media Training was one key deliverable in their ongoing PR strategy.

Executives who completed the training said:

“The training you have provided has set our team for success. It was an enlightening session. Seeing Leisa Goddard in full investigative journalist mode was something to behold. There are those days that take you by surprise and offer you something more than you had planned for yourself. Media Training with Adoni Media was one of them. Thank you to the Adoni team and Sydney City Studio for the experience. We are better for it.” 

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InfoTrack is Australia’s leading e-conveyancing and property research provider. They are an innovator in legal technology and are pioneers of digital  property conveyancing. The company was looking to position itself as Australia’s leading property experts.

Since engaging Adoni Media as its preferred PR partner, InfoTrack has achieved national media coverage, provided expert opinion on market trends, and achieved their communication goal of positioning key executives as thought leaders for journalists covering real estate stories.

As part of their ongoing PR, InfoTrack sought regular campaigns to secure media coverage on the findings of their Property Market Updates, which are released every three months.


Every quarter, the Adoni Media team reviews the findings of the reports and based on the data, design comprehensive PR plans that targeted national, local, and industry outlets to maximise media opportunities for InfoTrack’s executives.

A number of media releases are localised for different markets with a strong media presence, including many regional areas of Australia. National media alerts are also created to secure coverage in the seven capital cities.

The national alerts contain State-by-State summaries that are under strict embargoes as they are distributed ahead of the reports being made public. Releasing these summaries ahead of time allows for television, print, online, and radio reporters to conduct pre-recorded interviews so their stories are ready to run from midnight. Adoni Media has also recorded and distributed audio grabs which are available for radio news programs to run, at the click of a button.

On the days of the reports going live, in-studio interviews and live crosses have also been secured, with InfoTrack’s Head of Property Australia, Lee Bailie, appearing on programs such as Sky News Australia, 7 News and 9 News.

The Adoni team also pitches the different stories to property reporters at major mastheads, including, and, with articles being syndicated to papers in every State and Territory. Stories about InfoTrack’s Quarterly Market Updates have also appeared on national platforms including Yahoo Finance, helping to reach audiences of more than 1.7 million people each time a report is released.

Through this ongoing PR activation, Adoni Media has helped position InfoTrack executives as ‘go-to’ commentators providing insights on real estate trends and comprehensive property analysis, as well as the latest market research.

Leveraging InfoTrack data, Adoni Media’s comprehensive PR strategy has seen stories appear in consumer, real estate, legal, and other industry media publications across the country. As Australia’s leading Media Trainer provider, we have also helped prepare InfoTrack’s spokespeople for television and radio interviews with key messages developed for upcoming media opportunities.

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