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Adoni Media was engaged by Play Matters Australia to raise brand awareness for the national, not for-profit, playgroup provider as the organisation marked its 50-year milestone. As part of the PR activation, Media Training was one key deliverable to prepare key spokespeople for proactive and reactive media opportunities.

Executives who completed the training said:

“It was awesome to have people who have worked in the industry provide the training and their expertise. The opportunity to practise was amazing and all the tips and tricks were also helpful. I learnt it is a transaction. Adoni Media’s trainers were very professional and incredibly personable, supportive, and friendly. They were amazing in the way they shared their knowledge of the industry. The session was very informative and real.”



Play Matters Australia is a national not-for-profit which supports thousands of children and their families to build skills, relationships, and confidence through play. In March 2022, Playgroup Queensland and Sing&Grow Australia rebranded as Play Matters Australia. Ahead of their 50-year celebration in 2023, the company required PR to raise brand awareness and promote the important work they do. Media Training and Crisis Management preparation were also required to strengthen the media capabilities of executives and key spokespeople.

Play Matters Australia engaged Adoni Media for media and PR support to launch a new hub in Ipswich during National Playgroup Week, to raise awareness of their 50 Grants for 50 Years funding program, and to help promote their Messy Play Matters events held throughout Queensland in May.

To help grow awareness of Play Matters Australia, Adoni Media used a multi-layered PR strategy to geotarget mainstream and local media outlets, as well as child and parent-focused and education industry publications.

Extensive media coverage has helped raise the profile of Play Matters Australia.


Adoni Media has generated nationwide media coverage for Play Matters Australia with news stories across television, radio, print, online and industry publications. As well as in mainstream markets including Brisbane, coverage was achieved in locations as far spread as Queensland’s Cairns, Western Australia’s Pilbara region, and New South Wales’ Wollongong.

Adoni’s strategies delivered results when the new hub was opened in Ipswich, the Grants program was announced, and throughout the month of May when seven Messy Play Matters events took place throughout Queensland.

Media outlets love local stories and so a localised media release helped generate media excitement about the new Ipswich Hub.

Geo-targeted media releases which encouraged playgroups to apply for the 50 Grants for 50 Years Program were distributed, securing news stories in relevant metropolitan and regional media areas.

Geo-targeted media releases and Video News Releases (VNRs) also proved to be successful PR tools in generating news stories on television and radio, and in newspapers and online outlets in regional cities and towns where Play Matters Australia held Messy Play events in May. Media awareness ahead of the events helped boost attendance numbers with thousands of Queensland children and their parents enjoying the Messy Play experiences; while high quality photographs and filming opportunities helped in gaining coverage about the event once it had occurred to strengthen brand awareness and promote the annual event.

Metropolitan news coverage was also secured in Brisbane when the Messy Play Matters campaign was officially launched at the RNA Showgrounds. Queensland Education Minister, Grace Grace, helped provide insight into what Play Matters Australia does, how Messy Play is proven to help a child’s development, and to celebrate so many families coming together again for the first event of its kind since COVID.

Adoni’s PR activation secured 38 stories, valued at more than $36,000, with an audience reach of nearly half a million Australians. These stories also gained 10,000 views on social media helping to raise brand awareness for Play Matters Australia.

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