The importance of marketing and PR for construction companies

    Construction is a notoriously competitive industry, which is why marketing and public relations are so important to help construction companies build trust and stand out from competitors.

    Each year in Australia, billions are spent on infrastructure and construction, with the number of new projects and developments increasing yearly. For construction companies and developers, there is an enormous opportunity to grow their businesses through a comprehensive public relations and marketing strategy.

    Adoni Media is an experience-led national Public Relations (PR) Agency which has offices in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. The team has proven experience devising and delivering public relations strategies for construction companies. Our media experts deliver impactful campaigns to build, maintain, and grow your brand and reputation.


    Why public relations is important for construction companies

    When people hear the word “construction”, you want your company to be the first that comes to mind. Strategic public relations and marketing can raise your brand awareness and profile. The best construction companies in Australia are ones that utilise public relations to build brand awareness, maintain a positive reputation, and engage stakeholders.

    Public relations is key in building a reputable construction company as it increases brand trust, awareness, and recognition. Construction is a highly competitive industry, so it is important your business stands out and is perceived as a leader. This is where PR can help.

    How public relations is used in the construction industry

    PR agencies help your business generate valuable media coverage across mainstream and industry media. Our team is experienced in developing public relations strategies for construction companies and developers that build strong reputations and brand awareness.

    Public Relations is used in the construction industry to:

    • Raise brand awareness
    • Promote company news (for example, a new development/project)
    • Develop and maintain good relationships with stakeholders (including community, media and investors)
    • Define key messages
    • Manage crisis communications (such as accidents in construction)

    Adoni Media has extensive experience with public relations in the construction industry, having worked on campaigns with many multi-million-dollar infrastructure and construction projects, as well as announcing important projects in the resources and energy sector. Through strategic media relations campaigns, which can include launch events and speeches, press conferences, Video News Releases, and reactive PR, Adoni Media generates valuable coverage across TV, print, radio, and online news.

    Reactive PR for construction companies

    Reactive PR is a key tactic for businesses looking to build brand authority and position their company and people as industry leaders. Our team of media experts monitors the news cycle to identify opportunities for your business to earn media coverage by responding to trending topics and breaking news. By doing this, clients can become “go-to” industry experts who are trusted for their opinions and insights.

    How online marketing is used in the construction industry

    Combining your public relations efforts with a robust marketing plan is key for construction companies. Online marketing for construction companies requires clear messaging, strong branding, and transparency.

    For construction companies looking to increase brand awareness, engage stakeholders, and build an online identity, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and a social media strategy are key.

    A social media strategy that runs alongside a PR campaign can increase publicity opportunities and help connect your business with a wider audience. For construction companies, social media is a great way to engage with and inform stakeholders. Social media should notbe used as a broadcast tool to push messages but as an avenue to create meaningful two-way conversations. Regularly monitor your social media accounts and engage with your audience.

    Given how competitive the construction industry is, developing a strong SEO strategy is essential. SEO is a digital marketing tool that works to improve your ranking within search engines. The better your SEO, the higher you’ll appear on the first page of search results. For construction companies, location-based SEO (also known as geo-targeting) is key. Location-based SEO helps ensure your website appears for your searches related to your operating areas, and therefore potential clients and members of the public which may be impacted by a major project.

    Construction companies and developers looking to grow their business should consider investing in the services of a PR agency to help execute their marketing and public relations strategy.

    Does your construction company need property PR management?

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