How to amplify your PR strategy with a Brand Ambassador

    A Brand Ambassador is a person employed by a business to represent a brand, and promote the company and its products or services. The goal is to amplify your PR strategy by increasing awareness, accessing target audiences and boosting sales. 

    Brand Ambassadors are generally well-known people or celebrities who have similar values to the business, product or service, and resonate with the company’s target audience. Brand Ambassadors bring a personality and human face to the business they’re representing.  



    Kynd is an Australian first supplements brand, where for every product sold, an immunity sachet is donated to a person in need. Kynd is dedicated to supporting the health and wellbeing of its customers, the less fortunate and the planet.  

    With a goal of increasing brand awareness, promoting company values and strengthening their position in the market, Kynd decided to adopt a Brand Ambassador. With her focus on honesty, happiness and wellbeing, and her overall positive attitude, Turia Pitt was the company’s first choice, and in 2021, she signed on as Kynd’s first ambassador. 

    The result: 

    Adoni Media successfully generated significant buzz around Kynd’s partnership with Turia Pitt, achieving national media coverage across TV, radio, print, and online. The PR strategy secured more than 55 media stories with an ASR value of more than $859,000 and reached an audience of more than 1.76 million Australians. The result for Kynd was an increase in brand awareness and an associated lift in sales. 

    Why Kynd’s brand ambassadorship was successful: 

    Using Kynd’s experience with Turia Pitt, businesses can gain valuable tips and insights into why this Brand Ambassadorship was so successful, and what they can do to achieve similar results. 

    • Make sure your business shares values with your Brand Ambassador 

    Kynd’s partnership with Turia Pitt was successful because the company chose a Brand Ambassador who aligned with the organisation. Your Business Ambassador should embody the same values and ethics as your brand. For Kynd, this meant someone committed to having a positive impact, someone who valued the science behind health and beauty products, and someone passionate about being kind to themselves, others, and the planet.   

    • Choose someone who appeals and connects with your target audience 

    By finding someone who embodies your brand, you can communicate and appeal to your target audience. Your audience must find your Brand Ambassador relatable, helpful, and/or entertaining, so they want to engage with them and your brand. 

    Turia Pitt is an inspirational Australian author, motivational speaker, runner, mining engineer and mother with a huge online presence. Through her Brand Ambassadorship with Kynd, the company was given access to her thousands of social media followers, helping to grow their profile, and be seen by audiences who trust Turia’s opinion and testimony of brands and products she partners with. 

    • Leverage the Ambassador’s celebrity status 

    The celebrity status of Brand Ambassadors not only allows your organisation to connect with key stakeholders, but has the possibility of garnering media attention as well.  

    To announce Kynd’s partnership with Turia Pitt, Adoni Media developed a PR strategy which included hosting a media and influencer breakfast, offering exclusive stories, crafting media releases and filming a Video News Release, which gained national media coverage.  

    A social media campaign was also activated across both Kynd’s and Turia Pitt’s social media platforms. Turia shared her new role of Brand Ambassador with her 1m+ followers and endorsed Kynd’s products, its people and the business.  

    Brand Ambassadors are a great way to raise the profile and credibility of your brand while also promoting it to your target audience. By incorporating a Brand Ambassador into your PR strategy, you will increase your appeal to your target audiences, brand awareness, and brand loyalty, and, with the right person, provide a reason for journalists to cover your story.  

    If you are interested in finding or promoting a Brand Ambassador for your company, reach out to the team at Adoni Media by contacting us.