The benefits of having social media in your PR strategy

    An estimated 79% of Australians are active on social media and so there’s no denying the important role social platforms can play for your business. The benefits of having social media in your PR strategy are, therefore, enormous.

    A social media strategy that runs alongside a PR campaign can increase publicity opportunities and help connect your business with a wider audience.

    The benefits of having social media in your PR strategy blog

    Our Public Relations team at Adoni Media, regularly help clients boost their brand reputation through targeted and well-researched content strategies. Here are some of our top tips to help you nail your social media strategy.

    Find your ‘voice’ and use it

    Your ‘voice’ is the distinct personality your business takes on in its communications. Your voice and social media activity should reflect your company image and values. A consistent brand voice is key for building authenticity, engagement, and reach.

    You don’t want your organisation to come off sounding too corporate with no emotion or personality. Remember to sound human – you’re on social media and it’s all about interactions.

    A communications style guide tailored for your company can help to ensure consistency in your brand voice. A style guide contains a set of standards for all communication material produced in a business, and a strong brand ‘voice’ helps strengthen your brand identity, relate with your audience, and affirm company values.

    Have a clear purpose and social media plan

    Understanding your audience’s needs and tailoring your social media strategy to suit is essential for effective social media communication. Doing so will drive engagement and growth.

    Your social media plan should be comprehensive. It needs to address the audience’s needs, content types, content themes, content frequency, analysis tools, scheduling tools, and policies for responding to users (whose comments may be positive or negative).

    Make connections

    Social media is all about being social. It’s an opportunity for your business to connect with your audience and build relationships.

    Social media should not be used as a broadcast tool to push messages but is an avenue to create meaningful two-way conversations. Social media users crave authentic interaction with the brands they follow. Regularly monitor your social media accounts and engage with your audience. Through facilitating interaction, engagement, and transparency, you will gain trust and loyalty.

    Social media is a great opportunity to promote your business, its peoples and its values as well as connecting with your audience and ultimately, customers.

    In just three months, as part of an overall PR strategy, the Adoni team placed more than 110 well-researched, expertly written, and strategically placed online articles to provide a 65 per cent increase in the SEO ranking for a client. The articles were also on-shared across social media to further boost brand authority and trust.

    If your business is needing help with its social media management, contact us today.