Media checklist: How to prepare your business

    Whether you are a communications manager wanting to increase brand awareness or a CEO wanting to make sure your team is ready to respond to a crisis, this media list is essential for businesses.

    We have all seen, especially during the COVID crisis, how businesses have had to pivot and respond quickly to changing restrictions. In many cases, it has launched people and companies who previously never considered themselves a media target or spokesperson into the news spotlight.

    The rise of new media targets saw our team at Adoni Media support corporate affairs and business teams to manage the media and partake in media interviews.

    As you plan out your year, we’ve put together a media checklist so that you and your business are prepared to manage a crisis, respond to the media, and engage with stakeholders.

    Media checklist: How to prepare your business

    Update your Crisis Communication Plan

    Crisis communication was in high demand during the pandemic, with businesses not only needing to respond to the media but also to manage and control internal communication with staff and stakeholders. Businesses that do not respond in a measured and strategic way risk long-term damage to their brand and reputation.

    The solution is being prepared.

    Don’t wait for a crisis to hit. Instead, have a crisis management plan in place so that you have the resources and framework to respond. For Adoni clients, that means identifying potential risk areas, developing key messaging, creating a chain of command, and preparing holding statements. Once you have the policy and procedures in place it is important to test them. For some large organisations that can mean running crisis exercises, for others, it can involve media training so that key spokespeople are equipped with the skills they need to navigate the media.

    Prepare with Media Training

    There’s nothing more daunting than having a television camera in your face and being confronted with a journalist’s questions and not knowing how to respond.

    Our team at Adoni Media run media training sessions that provide practical and tailored training to your industry. Adoni’s Founder, Leisa Goddard, has been a journalist for 30 years and has helped prepare CEOs, executives and spokespeople from ASX-listed companies to government agencies and charities.

    During media training sessions the people most likely to face the media from your organisation learn how to respond, how to frame key messages, where to look during an interview, and how to overcome nerves. Body language, facial expressions and what not to do during a media interview are equally as important.

    Our team of media trainers are former senior journalists and corporate specialists who each have decades of experience in the media industry. They share their expert advice so that you not only understand the media but can respond and manage media enquires and interviews.

    Plan your Content

    A solid content strategy will ensure your business is consistent and active across multiple platforms. Your content strategy provides an opportunity for your business to promote achievements, engage with stakeholders, and make public statements.

    We recommend preparing two content plans, internal and external. Internal content refers to everything that is published on your website, on your company blog, and sent in internal EDMs. External content includes Media Releases, holding statements, thought-leadership pieces, digital marketing,  and posts to social media.

    To gain maximum value from the work you put into creating content make sure you optimise before publishing. Keyword research is invaluable in any content plan.

    Develop a Social Media strategy

    As part of your content plan, you should have a social media schedule designed to build brand awareness, trust and engagement. Our digital experts regularly help clients boost their brand and reputation through targeted and well-researched social media strategies that increase audience and engagement.

    If you’re making media and managing publicity a focus and would like some advice contact us