What is the monetary value of PR?

    Public Relations helps to support top of mind marketing by telling your story, but when it comes to your bottom line, what is the monetary value of PR and what should you expect?

    ‘Likes’ and ‘followers’ on your social media accounts are easy, vanity optics, but for exact return on investment (ROI), your public relations firm should be using media monitoring.

    Leisa Goddard from Adoni Media has spent 30 years working across TV and the media industry. As the Founder of a national award-winning PR agency, she knows that CFOs, Board directors and business owners want to see positive media coverage and be able to measure its worth.

    What is the monetary value of PR?

    Brand Awareness

    What is your audience reach? A primary goal of PR is building brand awareness.

    For communication managers, a sign that PR is working is when their spokespeople become “go-to” media talent for journalists looking for comment.

    For executives, a key marker for brand awareness is audience reach. Media monitoring tracks every story generated through PR and provides a breakdown of how many viewers or readers your PR agency has helped you reach.

    Measuring Monetary Value

    How much is the PR coverage you’ve achieved worth?

    Media monitoring, while tracking each story and audience reach, also measures the equivalent dollar value or Advertising Sales Rate (ASR) of the coverage.

    In two weeks, a PR campaign for one Adoni client resulted in more than $3.3 million in media coverage across free-to-air news organisations. In addition, Adoni achieved hundreds of thousands of dollars more worth of coverage with articles and client appearances across other media platforms and publications.

    The key to a successful PR campaign is having a team that takes the time to become an extension of your business and understands the media landscape.

    It’s why Adoni has senior account managers, who like Leisa, have decades of newsroom and media experience and that translates into proven results for our clients.

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