Why you need a media wall banner to increase brand awareness

    Media wall banners are commonly used at press conferences and here’s why you should have one as part of your PR toolkit. A media banner helps build brand awareness which assists with public relations and marketing.

    What is a media wall banner?

    Media wall banners are logo walls that are used as backdrops for media conferences and press calls. The banners can be part of a permanent media room at your headquarters or can be portable pull-up banners that you can take to your media event.

    Politicians, charities, corporates, and sporting teams use branded media wall banners as do organisers of major events.

    Why you need a media wall banner to increase brand awareness

    Benefits of media wall banners

    A logo banner is a powerful tool for promoting your brand and where appropriate, showcasing sponsorship partners.

    Top 5 reasons to have a media wall banner:

    • Instant brand exposure
    • Builds brand authority
    • Provides a controlled media backdrop
    • Assists with promoting sponsorship partners
    • Makes it easier for media, especially television

    Using media wall banners to promote sponsorship partners

    Sporting clubs regularly use media wall banners to showcase sponsorship partners to the media and their audience. Traditionally media wall banners are vertical, and the highest-value position for key sponsor logos is the top third section.

    A key tip is to keep the media wall banner as “clean” as possible, so it doesn’t look too busy to the eye. Industry experts recommend no more than five logos to a banner wall.

    If you are using a media wall banner for a press event, always think about the location and try to avoid being near a noisy street, busy office space or outside during windy or inclement weather. The last thing you need is your media wall banner falling on your talent.

    Adoni Media Managing Director Leisa Goddard said media wall banners are regularly used during media interviews and Video News Releases. Her final tip, especially if you’re doing an outside event, is to make sure you have sandbags to secure your media wall banner in place!

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