From our Interns: Madelyn’s Experience

    As I readied myself for the second half of my double degree in Public Relations and Journalism, I was determined to get a head start with real-world experience. I had found a strong enthusiasm for PR and was eager to put my newly developed skills into practice. It was around this time that I noticed Adoni Media, which I had followed on social media as industry experts for some time, was looking for interns. I immediately polished my CV and portfolio and sent off an application, then, soon after, found myself as the new addition to the office.

    From our Interns: Madelyn’s Experience

    Practical experience

    Being an intern is often associated with being a coffee runner or chore completer, but at Adoni, you actually get a meaningful foot in the door and a genuine feel for working in the industry. I was tasked with writing blog posts for real clients and creating and planning content for social media. I even got to write about the coronavirus pandemic as it began to impact the globe, having to research the latest information and incorporate it into my work. This experience, while completely unexpected, was invaluable and helped my understanding of responding to crises. At university, you are often swamped with theory and report writing, however having the opportunity to spend quality time creating real PR material while being mentored by industry experts has been so beneficial to my learning.

    Authentic connection

    As a beginner, it can be daunting to enter the media industry. At Adoni, I instantly felt that the team had faith in my potential, without the expectation to be as perfect as a professional. I was welcomed to the office (twice, thanks to COVID-19) by friendly faces that genuinely felt invested in my development. The feedback I received for my work was always encouraging and helped me to improve my skills while boosting my confidence. I was always made to feel like a valued part of the team.

    I am so glad I took the leap into this internship. The experiences complemented my university-based learning so well and helped me to build my confidence to go after opportunities I would have previously thought I wasn’t ready for. My university results post-internship have had a noticeable improvement, and my enthusiasm for PR has grown even more. I am excited to go forth into my career with the knowledge and support I have gained from the Adoni Media team and will always be thankful for the opportunity.