Do enough people know about your business?

    If your answer to this question is no, you need public relations to help raise your brand awareness.

    Public relations is about sending the right messages to the right place and the right people to create and build a trusted and credible reputation for your brand and your business. PR agencies work alongside their clients to help them achieve this through targeted and proactive PR strategies.

    PR is an area that can transform the future and profitability of a business. Used properly and effectively, PR can provide a business with the ability to overcome almost any obstacle it may face. It’s why PR is so essential to raising your profile and ensuring enough people know about your business.


    How to use PR to increase brand awareness?

    Public relations helps you promote your business and raise brand awareness.

    This is achieved through a number of ways, and can include:

    1. Media coverage
    2. Content Writing
    3. Social Media
    4. Electronic Direct Mail (EDMs)
    5. Collaborating with influencers

    Media Coverage

    Media Releases and Video News Releases (VNRs) help your business gain coverage in mainstream news media. Distributing well-crafted newsworthy releases is key to getting your business and brand in the news.

    It is important to consider your target audience and target media. You should prepare a media/press release by selecting a media-friendly or newsworthy topic and identifying the target audience by geography and interest. Targeted releases result in more valuable traffic and conversions.

    Earned media in TV, radio, newspapers, magazines or any mainstream media is perceived as more credible than paid media such as advertisements. This is because most people consider the information trustworthy and stories almost act as a third-party endorsement of a product, person, or organisation.

    Content Writing

    Content writing has become an increasingly popular way to reach online audiences. Creating high-quality blogs, stories, and articles supports your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), improving your brand’s online visibility and website traffic. Additionally, blogging allows businesses to build relationships with their stakeholders through two-way communication.

    Social Media

    Social media is all about transparency and that has enabled brands to become more exposed to their consumers than ever before. It’s important to establish and communicate the ‘why’ behind your company and its decisions or actions. If consumers understand the purpose, the company is more likely to appeal to the audience.

    Social media allows PR professionals to establish direct communication with the wider community, consumers, and other target stakeholders.

    There are several public relations strategies that are becoming more utilised than ever before as new online technologies arise.

    Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

    Sending targeted email campaigns with relevant information about the company and/or its products/services directly to your target audience can help strengthen brand awareness. EDMs allow the company to continuously maintain a strong relationship with stakeholders and shareholders. In the field of PR, newsletters are utilised to share updates and general information that may be of interest to your target audience.

    Collaborate with influencers

    With the rise of social media sites like Instagram and TikTok, there has been an increase in the number of individuals who have a large follower base to which they can advertise and promote products or companies. These people are known as ‘influencers’. When an influencer’s content, audience, and values are well aligned and respected by a brand, collaborations with the influencer, sometimes in the role of a brand ambassador, can become a very powerful PR tool for your company.

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