What is content writing?

    The article you are reading is an example of ‘what is content writing?’.

    Chances are you’ve been told your digital marketing strategy must include content writing, but you may not understand why or what is needed. We want to help answer those questions and give you some tips on what you should be doing.

    To begin, it is worth noting that 2.3 million blogs are posted online each day. What that means is what you write, how you write it, and the research you do into the topic, keywords, and structure of what you produce are critically important.

    What is Content Writing

    What are the basics of content writing?

    When it comes to content writing, quality over quantity is key.

    Content writing is most commonly an article, a blog, a how-to guide or written checklists of tips.

    Content also refers to videos and podcasts.

    First and foremost, the content you create must be engaging. It must give the reader, listener, or viewer – your target audience – information they are interested in, can learn from, or find entertaining.

    From your perspective as a business owner, thought leader or influencer, the content needs to help build trust, grow brand awareness, and support your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

    How to write content for SEO

    A good content writing strategy takes time, includes researching topics that interest your target audience and provides information that adds value.

    Search engines are awake to “keyword stuffing” tactics where nonsensical articles and blogs are published just to try and lift a site’s SEO. It means you must be smarter and invest the time to create high-quality, relevant, and useful content.

    It’s a good idea to write content and pitch it to other websites/blogs too, this not only supports your SEO but can help expose your brand to new audiences. For example, just recently we wrote an advice piece for the Inspection Support Network, providing our expertise on how new businesses can build their reputation in Real Estate/Home Inspection.

    5 tips for good content writing

    • Research what topics and subjects people are searching for
    • Write a great headline to make your article or content piece stand out
    • Share helpful advice and give relevant examples.
    • Provide tips where possible
    • Write clear, concise sentences and avoid industry jargon

    Content writing services

    Many business owners are too busy or don’t have the writing skills to create content that is going to connect best with their audiences.

    So, what’s the solution?

    For some companies, it’s a good investment to employ an in-house content writer. While others turn to companies like Adoni Media, who have experienced journalists who know how to research, write, and deliver content articles, blogs, and scripts.

    Our content writers work with our digital marketing team to develop strategies. To find out more, contact us