Adoni Media: A Trusted Media Training Provider

    Adoni Media is a leading media training provider which has earned a reputation for equipping individuals and organisations with the skills and techniques needed to successfully navigate the media landscape.

    With our expert media trainers and tailored training sessions, Adoni Media has become a trusted name in media training in Australia.

    Whether it is addressing a crisis, promoting a new product, or simply seeking increased exposure, effective communication plays a crucial role in navigating the media. Executives and key spokespeople may be called upon to convey their key messages clearly and confidently in front of a TV news camera, address a press conference, or engage with journalists. This is where media training comes in.


    The Adoni Advantage

    Adoni Media stands out as a trusted media training provider because of our extensive expertise and experience in the media industry.

    Our team of seasoned PR and media professionals have worked as senior TV and radio journalists, newsroom bosses, war correspondents, foreign correspondents, political correspondents, investigative journalists and producers for A Current Affair, media advisors to Federal politicians, as well as corporate specialists who have spent decades advising CEOs and executive members in boardrooms.

    These diverse backgrounds mean our valuable insights and practical guidance are trusted by industry leaders and clients ranging from ASX-listed companies to some of Australia’s largest charities. After all, who better to train you than former journalists themselves?

    Tailored, Tested, and Trusted Training Programs

    One of the reasons why Adoni Media is regarded as a trusted provider of media training is our ability to design tailored programs to meet the specific needs of our clients.

    Recognising that each individual or organisation has their own set of communication challenges, we create customised training modules that address those specific areas. From media interview techniques to crisis management, our training programs cover a wide range of topics.

    We also offer specialised training for different platforms, including TV, radio, print, and online media. By focusing on individual strengths and weaknesses, we ensure key spokespeople receive personalised attention and acquire the necessary skills to effectively engage with the media and deliver their messages with confidence.

    Expertise and Experience

    Our Founder and Managing Director, Leisa Goddard, is a former war correspondent, foreign correspondent, and investigative journalist for A Current Affair. Leisa has delivered award-winning government relations campaigns that have influenced policy change and used traditional PR to help clients generate millions of dollars in earned media to grow their business.

    Communications Director, Clare Christensen, is a former producer for A Current Affair and radio newsreader and reporter. She understands what journalists want and the lengths some will go to for an interview.

    Senior Accounts Manager, Jane Henschke, is a former news manager for Network Ten and a ministerial advisor to federal ministers and knows how to manage both sides of the media landscape. Corporate Relations Consult, Gabee Reyes, is a highly experienced strategic communications expert who has spent decades advising on media policy, media plans, crisis communications, public relations, and stakeholder engagement.

    While newest member of the team, Monique Dews, Director of Accounts & Strategy, managed radio newsrooms around Australia and was a popular newsreader on Brisbane breakfast radio for 11 years.

    Why do media training?

    1.      Learn how to control an interview

    Media training helps you control the narrative. The Adoni team can best prepare you for the types of questions journalists might ask, but most importantly they help you carefully create effective answers and key messages, so you are always in control. We can teach you the power of the pause, for example, as well as the ‘ABC’ Interview Techniques that will help you answer difficult questions.

    2.      How to calm nerves

    Stepping in front of a camera or facing an interviewer can be nerve-racking. The Adoni Team understands this firsthand. We help you overcome any anxiety you might be feeling and coach you to perfect your interview skills.

    3.      Build trust and credibility

    Media training helps company representatives build trust with their target audience by teaching them how to deliver their messages with authenticity, transparency, and credibility. Effective media training equips spokespeople with the skills to handle tough questions, navigate challenging interviews, and maintain composure under pressure.

    By consistently delivering accurate and engaging information, your executives can also establish themselves as a thought leader by being a reliable source of information, fostering trust and credibility among journalists and your audience.

    Practical and Realistic Simulations

    At least two senior trainers and a senior news cameraman take a practical approach to media training by providing realistic simulations that replicate real-life scenarios.

    In front of a full-sized TV news camera and lights, executives and key spokespeople engage in mock interviews, press conferences, and live crosses, allowing them to practise their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

    These simulations help individuals gain confidence, learn to think on their feet, and handle difficult questions effectively. We provide constructive feedback through video playback and offer strategies for improvement, ensuring participants learn skills and techniques to effectively manage the media for when it comes time to do a “real” interview.

    Training in a working TV studio

    We also provide tailored media training sessions in a working TV studio to provide participants with the confidence to say “yes” to live studio interviews on programs such as Sky News Australia, Sunrise, and Today. Our in-studio training sessions are delivering incredible results with clients saying the training was vital to know how to prepare and understand what to expect.

    Client Testimonials

    The success stories of our clients speak volumes about the quality of our training programs.

    Some of the feedback we’ve received include:

    “Fantastic media training session. The insight into how journalists get stories and information was invaluable.” – Queensland Museum

    “The media training is first rate. It was real and practical. Very good media training.” – Kingfisher Bay Resort

    “We needed practical, focused media training and that’s exactly what we got. The real life and current industry experience of the Adoni team makes all the difference.” – Senex Energy

    “By far this was the best media training I have ever done. I would highly recommend this training.” – Carers Queensland

    “I transformed into a confident and polished spokesperson.” – Eden Health Retreat

    Adoni Media has Australia’s most experienced media training team. We’ve earned a reputation as a trusted media training provider by delivering tested and tailored sessions.

    With our dedication to client success and our commitment to staying ahead of media trends, we continue to empower individuals and organisations with the skills and techniques they need to effectively manage the media, to present with confidence, and be in control in media interviews.

    Media training is an investment for organisations that will yield long-lasting benefits for your company’s success.