Jane Henschke

Jane understands the challenges facing brands and industry leaders in having their voice represented in the media and the importance of messaging.

Group Client Manager

Jane Henschke is an astute Corporate Affairs and PR Advisor having worked at the highest levels of Australian broadcast media and government.

Jane understands the competition to stand out in the news cycle and provides advice on how to manage media, create positive publicity, and react in a crisis.

Her insights from having worked on both sides of breaking news, scandals, and managing highly controversial issues, positions her as a trusted advisor.

As a News Manager for Network Ten and a Ministerial Advisor to Federal Ministers, she understands the sensitivities and importance of strong media relations and how to create messaging that cuts through.

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Media Management

Jane has more than 31 years of media and communications experience, helping manage news agendas across the country.

She began her journalism career in radio before moving to television where she worked as a reporter, producer, political correspondent in Canberra’s Press Gallery, and before joining Adoni, was News Manager responsible for logistics, identifying stories of the day, and delivering nightly news bulletins.

She has extensively covered national and international politics, historical world events, natural disasters, and understands the importance of planning, relationship building, and strategy.

Government Relations

Between 1998 and 2001, Jane was a Media Advisor to senior Federal Government Ministers, including the portfolios of Social Security, the Arts, the Centenary of Federation, and Women.

Those roles included the management of Ministerial profiles, the development of parliamentary media strategies, and issues management.

Jane has a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) from the University of Adelaide. She has been a judge for both the prestigious Walkley Awards and Queensland’s Clarions, which recognise excellence in journalism.

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