Reasons Why You Should Get Media Training

    What Is Media Training

    Media training is designed to train you and your team when fronting the media. There are many reasons why you should get media training and so the sessions come in many different forms.

    Camera and radio interview training is the most common, while presentation and communication skills are also taught at Adoni Media. The training teaches you how to appear confident in front of cameras and how to remain in control if thrown a curveball of a question.

    Media training is necessary for any person within a company who deals with the media regularly or even for the first time. It is designed to help all levels of business from start-ups to the CEO and executives. Media training helps clarify your business’s key messaging while giving you industry tips and tricks on how to get the most out of a journalist’s interview.


    Benefits of Media Training

    There are numerous advantages to having your team receive media training and be trained yourself. For a CEO, having the assurance that your employees can front the media with confidence and the ability to tailor the key messages you want is vital. It is even more important in crisis situations where you have the ability to send an employee you know has had the necessary training to control the interview. Even better when there are multiple teams trained in your business.

    Preparation is key for relations with the media, which is why our media training allows you to fully understand how the media works. You are taught how journalists create questions and what they use from your answer. Knowing this allows you to give them what they want in a clear concise way while also decreasing your chance of being misquoted or forgetting key messages. The training also makes you understand the different styles journalists use while interviewing so you can be prepared to face them all, including the ‘tricky’ questions.

    Media Training at Adoni Media

    Media training sessions at Adoni Media are half or full day sessions where you learn:

    • What statements are newsworthy
    • What to do when a journalist calls
    • What journalists really want to hear
    • Different interview techniques
    • How to effectively deliver interview grabs
    • How to develop your business’s key messages to control the interview
    • How to overcome nerves when facing a camera
    • The right body language and presentation skills
    • How to front the media during crisis management

    At Adoni Media, we pride ourselves on our practical-based media training that we design specifically for you and your employee’s needs. Our training workshops are conducted in front of a full-size television camera, recording you while our journalism experienced team members interview you. This hands-on approach is designed to be as close to a real media interview in order for you to get the most out of it. There is no point in listening to a lecture or writing down PowerPoints when it is practice that gives you the vital tools to be able to front the media.

    Our media training gives you that crucial practice while simultaneously teaching industry tricks and tips that allow you to control the interview, so your business’s key messages are not lost.  Our goal is to keep you on your toes to ensure that you are prepared for whatever the media throw at you.

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