Achieve your PR goals with the ‘Adoni Advantage’

    Choosing a Public Relations Company to represent you, your company or organisation, may be challenging, but there are many distinct and clear advantages in engaging Adoni Media.

    Founded by media powerhouse Leisa Goddard, Adoni Media boasts one of the most experienced PR teams in the country, with specific skills across public relations, media training, corporate communications, and crisis communications.

    Our team is made up of former and current journalists who have worked for decades across TV, radio, and print. They know what makes a great story, and how to appeal to the mainstream media for maximum impact.

    The Adoni approach is tailored, tested, and trusted.


    The Advantage of Extensive Media Experience

    Leisa Goddard, Clare Christensen, Jane Henschke, and Monique Dews have all had long and distinguished careers in the mainstream media before making the move to public relations. Add it up, and that’s 100-plus years of combined media experience across TV, radio, and print, that can be leveraged to benefit and build your brand awareness and influence.

    Having worked in busy capital city newsrooms and overseas bureaus over many decades, the team knows what a journalist needs to create a compelling and relevant story, and how to develop a strategic communications plan, and who to pitch campaigns and stories to across the Australian media.

    Their extensive media experience also means they are leading problem solvers who can troubleshoot the challenges created by news outlets being under ever increasing pressure in terms of workload, deadlines, and limited resources.

    The Advantage of Strong Industry Contacts

    The Adoni team has a strong personal network of journalists and decision makers across the Australian media landscape as well as access to an extensive national data base of media industry contacts including editors, producers, reporters, cameramen, and news directors.

    In addition to strong media relations, the team has long-standing relationships with a range of stakeholders and leaders across politics, business, and industry including CEOs, Directors, Advisors and Managers.

    For clients, Adoni is an important link between the boardroom and newsrooms.

    The Advantage of Comprehensive Corporate Experience

    Corporate Affairs Consultant Gabee Reyes brings a strategic, corporate lens to Adoni Media. She has spent decades advising on media policy, crisis communications, reputation management and stakeholder engagement across the public and private sector.

    Gabee is outcome driven and has the skills to interpret complex financial and corporate information into clear and effective internal and external communication.

    Over the years, Gabee has worked across all levels of government, ASX and NSX listed companies and start-ups, giving her an intuitive edge in meeting corporate and media demands especially when managing a crisis.

    The Adoni Media “VNR” Advantage

    VNRs, or Video News Releases are a speciality of Adoni Media. A VNR is an edited video that acts like an audio and visual media release. A VNR includes the interviews and overlay TV, radio, and online journalists need to tell a story.

    For marketing and communication bosses there are two advantages of a VNR. Firstly, it allows you to pre-record footage and provide it to the media. Secondly, on days when TV networks don’t have a camera crew to send to your event you can provide them with the material they need.

    VNR’s were first introduced by Adoni Media Founder, Leisa Goddard, after she returned as Network Ten’s United States Bureau Chief in Los Angeles where VNR’s – or electronic press kits as they are called – were used extensively to generate media coverage. Adoni Media now produces VNRs for clients across a range of sectors and have helped generate millions of dollars’ worth of media coverage.

    Clients have included Disney, the Queensland Performing Arts Complex, governments, tourism resorts, resource companies and charities such as The Salvation Army.

    Adoni Media’s VNRs achieve results because the team producing them are senior television journalists, producers and TV news cameramen.

    Why Choose Adoni Media For Your PR?

    Experience is what drives success and the “Adoni Advantage” delivers proven outcomes for the organisations we support.

    The Adoni Media team has more journalists and senior media professionals than some newsrooms. The advantage for clients is they find themselves working with experts who know the media, how to prepare for the media, how to manage the media, and how to connect you to the media.

    The question of: “how do I find the best pr agency?” is best answered by doing your due diligence and researching their experience.

    Public Relations

    When it comes to PR, Adoni Media has proven results in delivering media campaigns that drive change, generate millions of dollars in media coverage, and reach audiences around the country and the world.

    Media Training

    When it comes media training, Adoni Media has the most experienced media training team in Australia and personally coaches individuals and groups in boardrooms and in a working TV studio.

    Crisis Management

    When it comes to crisis communication and issues management the Adoni Media team has worked on both sides of a crisis – as reporters and as advisors – so they know what to expect and how to respond when reputations and business continuity are at risk.

    Start achieving your communication goals

    Upskill your team and give your organisation and spokespeople the “Adoni Advantage”. Maybe you have a PR agency now but want to explore what can be done differently. Our team is happy to have a confidential discussion about how we could work together.