Internship at Adoni Media: Madi’s Experience

    With only a few months left of my bachelor’s degree – Bachelor of Business (Public Relations) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (Creative Writing) – I decided it was time to add another internship to my resume and who better to apply for than a leading PR agency within Brisbane?

    As an undergraduate, I have always sought out new experiences and decided that after completing two internships already, I was missing experience relating to an agency that works closely with the media, specialising in media training and crisis communications.

    After finding an advertisement for Adoni’s internship program and speaking with a friend who had previously interned for Adoni Media, I decided to apply for the role.

    It was a great decision and let me tell you why.


    Structured Intern Program

    Adoni’s intern program is by far the most structured internship I have experienced, which has set me up for success.

    Adoni knows that its interns are seeking to gain experience and they make sure you get the experience you want and need by creating a check list of items for you to complete. There is no shortage of tasks on any given day so there’s no need to worry about staring at a blank screen waiting for someone to tell you what to do.

    During the course of my internship, I have written blog posts, media releases, media alerts, media lists, fact sheets for media kits, and sat in on work in progress meetings to learn about the industry and how it functions. In just a few short weeks, I have completed a wide range of tasks that have enabled me to develop my skills and prepare for the future. The best part is that these tasks are providing value back to Adoni and being put to real use which is so much more gratifying.

    Friendly Work Environment

    From the moment I stepped foot into Adoni, I was immediately welcomed by the team. I felt that I could reach out to anyone, ask questions, and have casual conversations.

    When I was briefed on tasks the team would be present with me and help me out where necessary, even if they were short on time. Every enquiry I had was taken seriously and I was never made to feel small. This is so important in an internship and can often slip a team’s mind but that was never the case here.

    Experienced Team and Clientele

    One of the factors that drew me into wanting an internship with Adoni was the experienced team and wide portfolio of clients.

    Gaining insight from professionals with years of experience in media, PR and journalism is hard to come by and a great way to learn. Additionally, their variety of clients meant that the tasks I was completing differed and needed to be tailored with different strategies and audiences in mind. This variety and expertise from the team has provided invaluable knowledge to help me broaden my understanding of the industry and improve my skills.

    While my time at Adoni has been short, it has been filled with invaluable learning experiences that will inform the trajectory of my career.

    Adoni has provided a hands-on experience in a different area of PR that I didn’t have much practical knowledge of prior but rather a growing interest in. I cannot thank the team enough for taking me on board as I have learned so much and had a very positive experience.

    I’ve had such a great time interning for Adoni and would recommend anyone interested in an internship to apply by sending a cover letter, resume, and writing samples to: [email protected].

    There is absolutely no way you would regret it.