Why a corporate video needs to be in your PR strategy

    In the last two years, many businesses had to switch and learn how to work and communicate virtually. This change transformed communication in the workplace and saw video emerge as an efficient and preferred communication method for many businesses. 

    A recent study found 98% of businesses have experienced a growth of videos in their internal communications and marketing.   

    As more businesses around Australia transition to corporate videos, PR agencies like Adoni Media are increasingly being engaged for corporate video production services.   


    What is a corporate video?

    A corporate video is a term used to define all video communications created or commissioned by a business for internal or external corporate messaging. Corporate videos form part of a business’ communication and public relations strategy and are used to engage, inform, and update stakeholders.  

    When should you use a corporate video?

    Typically, corporate videos are used to raise awareness of a company and inform stakeholders of recent activity. Corporate videos are used for a range of purposes both internally and externally.  

    Corporate videos are typically used for celebrating a company milestone, an investor presentation/ASX report, a training/instructional video, and launching a new program or initiative. 

    Why should you use a corporate video?

    Corporate videos are increasingly being relied on by Australia’s leading businesses due to video’s improved efficiency in delivering information. Studies have found people typically only recall 20% of what they read yet 80% of what they see.  

    Adoni Media’s Managing Director Leisa Goddard said businesses are increasingly relying on video presentations for internal and external communications.  

    “We have seen a huge uptake in corporate videos, not only due to virtual work but the added benefits of video communications,” Leisa said.  

    “Businesses can share complex information with stakeholders in an efficient and engaging way without the restraints of conflicting schedules typically associated with in-person or virtual meetings.”  

    How to create a corporate video

    Before you create a corporate video, you must understand its purpose, your communication goals, and your target audience.  

    When creating corporate videos, make sure you have a clear idea of why the video is being made and who will benefit from viewing it. By doing so, you’ll have a better understanding of what your video needs to include and who it needs to go to. 

    When it comes to creating a corporate video, many businesses seek the help of Public Relations (PR) agencies. PR agencies are made up of expert communicators who understand the importance of stakeholder management. Adoni Media helps businesses create corporate videos that engage, inform, and update their stakeholders through a range of services, including script writing, video production, video editing, and video distribution (across news media and social media). 

    Here are Adoni Media’s top three tips for creating your next corporate video: 

    1. Keep it concise – only include the important information. 
    1. Speak clearly – use language your audience understands. 
    1. Be interesting – make your content engaging, with interesting visuals. 

    How to write a corporate video script

    When it comes to corporate video script writing, it’s important to consider the purpose and audience. Your script must give the audience all the important information they need to know (who, what, when, where, why and how). This information must be delivered clearly and concisely.  

    When writing your script, consider your audience and what they know. For instance, in a corporate video designed for employees, there is a level of assumed knowledge of what the business is and what services it offers. Comparatively, when it comes to producing corporate videos for social media, it is best to avoid industry jargon to be better understood by a wide audience. 

    When writing your corporate video script, focus on the main point of your video and avoid including any irrelevant information or repetitions.  

    It’s estimated nearly 20% of viewers exit a video within the first 10 seconds. With this in mind, it’s important you use the opening of your corporate video to engage and capture the audience’s attention. Make sure to include all the important information first, as this is when you will have the most engagement.  

    In the conclusion of your corporate video, summarise the ideas and information presented. Depending on the purpose of your video, you can include a call to action or direct your audience to where they can gather more information. 

    Why you should use a corporate video for reporting season

    During the ASX reporting season, many businesses across Australia release documents to help shareholders and analysts in their assessment of information. While historically this information is shared by management through face-to-face conferences with analysts, shareholders, board members and the media, businesses are increasingly turning to corporate videos 

    There are numerous benefits for businesses which use corporate videos to showcase results, milestones, and leadership. Some of these benefits include increased engagement, retention rates, and audience.   

    Adoni Media is the PR partner of Australian energy company Senex and supports its corporate video communication strategy. Senex communicates to its stakeholders, shareholders, and community groups through Adoni Media’s video presentations for ASX reports and business milestones. These videos strengthen Senex’s position and reputation as a natural gas producer in Australia’s energy market and support the company’s government, community, stakeholder, and shareholder engagement goals.  

    If you want to engage stakeholders with a corporate video, reach out to the Adoni Media team to discover how we can share your story with video.