Why your marketing strategy should include video

    How effective is your marketing strategy? As a business owner you’re probably looking for the most cost effective way to stand out above your competition.

    Whether you’re looking to attract more customers to your business or have a new product you’re wanting to promote, videos are one of the best ways to boost customer education and draw attention to your business.

    We’ve compiled the top ways marketing videos can boost your business and drive more sales.

    Why your marketing strategy should include video

    It captures attention

    If you’ve got a new product or service, you want people to know about it. The best way to capture attention is through a marketing video. Whether you’re looking to add a video to promote a new product or thinking of including an explainer video on the home page of your website, videos capture attention. When consumers are scrolling through their social media feeds or browsing online, videos are the first thing their eyes are drawn to, even if they’re not looking for one.

    It can explain everything

    The best part about videos is that they explain everything in a short period of time without the consumer having to read large amounts of content or go searching for answers. Videos are a great way to explain complex topics and can be used to build hype around new products or services. Marketing videos are the best way to simplify your message and educate your customer in the shortest time possible.

    It’s convenient

    Let’s face it – no one has time to read long content pages or in-depth product descriptions. Marketing videos are a quick and easy way for consumers to learn about your business or new product. It’s efficient and when done right can be very effective. Videos can be watched anywhere, anytime, making them the perfect choice to capture the attention of even the laziest and most time-poor consumers.

    It builds trust

    Trust is the foundation of sales – it’s what engages new customers and keeps existing customers for life. Marketing videos are a great way to relay all the facts and explain your business in a more conversational way. Videos also give you the opportunity to put a face to the business which is a great way to instil trust. Marketing videos give you an opportunity to answer any questions a consumer might have before they even have them.

    While all these things can boost your digital marketing, you’ll usually only see an increase in sales if the video content and quality is of a high standard. However, poor production quality can have the opposite effect and deter customers from your business and your product. That’s why it’s important to seek expert advice and is something best left to professionals.

    The digital marketing and video production professionals at Adoni Media can help determine the best video marketing strategy for your business and produce a video of high standard to ensure your business can reach its maximum potential.

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