Communication skills you need when working from home

    As working from home becomes the new norm, honing your communication skills for both internal and external communication is more important than ever.

    For companies, it is essential they stay engaged with employees, clients and customers. That includes regular newsletters, updating the company intranet, EDMs and finding creative ways to keep the brand visible through effective public relations.

    The messaging must be clear, honest, and speak to the target audience.

    Now, we know not everyone has an internal corporate communications team or a public relations agency on retainer, so our Adoni Media team has put together some top tips for communicating during a crisis.

    Communication skills you need when working from home

    Be proactive

    Have a voice. Being silent can create uncertainty so provide regular updates. In media training, clients are told they should never say “no comment” because saying nothing creates room for doubt, misinformation, and rumours.

    Be truthful

    Transparency is key. People value honesty.

    Be clear and concise

    Spend time simplifying your messaging. Remove industry jargon and break complex ideas or explanations down into language that speaks to your target audience. A newsletter to staff may use very different language to an EDM to investors or what a spokesperson/expert from your company may tell the media in a news interview.

    Be empathetic

    Always remember that during any crisis people are stressed so you must always show empathy. For staff, they are dealing with remote working and perhaps uncertainty about their future. Customers and stakeholders need reassurance and to feel like any concerns they may have are being acknowledged and addressed.

    Be there

    Answer questions and be available. When it comes to external communications if the media calls make sure you respond and don’t refuse an opportunity to step up and be a spokesperson for your industry because it will help keep your name and brand top of mind with consumers and the market.