What is an internship and why you should do one

    If you’re a university student, you’ve likely been told you should do an internship before you graduate – but why? Internships are a great way to gain experience and learn the ropes of your industry before you finish your studies.

    An internship provides you with short-term work experience in a professional work setting. Many businesses offer internships to students to help equip them with the skills and knowledge needed in their chosen industry.


    Here are the top 3 reasons you should complete an internship while at university.

    Reason 1: To gain more experience and skills

    As a student, it’s rare you’d have real-world experience in your chosen speciality. Internships are one of the best ways to gain hands-on experience and learn what it’s really like to work in your chosen profession or industry.

    The work experience you receive as an intern cannot be obtained in a tutorial or lecture. An internship provides you with the opportunity to apply your university acquired knowledge in a real-world setting.

    During an internship, you’ll have the chance to do a bit of everything. You’ll get to see and experience the different roles that people play in a business. You’ll have the opportunity to complete the day-to-day duties that you can expect to encounter in your chosen field post-graduation.

    This means that when you enter the workforce, you have the essential skills and experience needed, and a familiarity of how things are done. Relevant internship experience gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to applying for jobs.

    Reason 2: To build your confidence

    Internships help build your confidence, allowing you to grow as both a worker and a person. An internship is like a career trial run – you’ll have the opportunity to try new things, make mistakes, and develop your skills.

    In an internship, you’ll watch and learn from professionals. This is the time to ask lots of questions.

    Adoni Media Managing Director, Leisa Goddard, invested a lot of time into work experience when she was a student.

    “You are interning to learn, and learning is an active process, so you’re fully encouraged to engage and ask plenty of questions,” she said

    By simply suggesting new ideas, writing documents, or speaking up at meetings, you get to practise and refine your skills. With every professional skill you learn at an internship, your confidence will likewise increase.

    Reason 3: To grow your network

    As an intern, you will be surrounded by professionals in the industry. Internships provide you with more than skills and experience, they provide you with invaluable connections.

    Internships provide you with an opportunity to build relationships with those around you. The people you encounter during your internship will help build your professional network and communication skills.

    Networking is an effective tool for job seekers. The connections you make may become references for you and avenues for new opportunities.

    At Adoni Media, we’re proud to have an internship program where university students can join our team to learn the “ins and outs” of the communications industry.

    If you’re interested in an internship with Adoni Media, email [email protected] with your resume and cover letter.

    Hear firsthand from one of our interns here about what it was like to intern with us.