The Importance of PR for the Real Estate Industry

    PR is an important tool for any property experts wanting to expand their media reach and become thought leaders for journalists covering real estate stories.

    The effect of media coverage for developers and agents cannot be underestimated as it builds profiles and establishes trust and credibility. Real estate professionals can become go-to media experts which journalists regularly turn to for interviews and quotes.

    This media coverage produces immense benefits for real estate organisations. Earned media can mean hundreds of national stories, worth millions in value, with an extensive audience reach.


    Standing out in a saturated market

    The housing market is saturated, with real estate organisations competing for exposure.

    With a reported 46,000 real estate organisations throughout Australia, contention to stand out and generate business is becoming increasingly difficult within the property industry.

    Southeast Queensland’s Place Estate Agents is a business which understands the importance of PR to stand out in the property industry. Through consistent media coverage, the organisation has established itself as an industry leader in Brisbane and beyond.

    Adoni Media worked with Place to generate earned media to promote their listings, trends and research, to begin building a lasting reputation. Our team secured more than 665 media stories, reaching an audience of more than 29 million, valued at more than $5 million.

    Place quickly became a prominent voice in the housing market, with their agents regularly interviewed in real estate media and their listings featured weekly in property publications.

    Place Estate Agents said: “The Adoni Media team has been nothing short of magnificent to work with. They’ve helped us to get ahead of the rest and put us in front of audiences we would not have been able to capture alone.”

    Benefits of long-term PR

    With the vast amount of real estate organisations vying for attention, long-term PR is one solution to stand out in this very crowded space.

    Ongoing PR ensures an organisation has continual maintenance of their reputation, remains visible in the public eye, and overall, it is necessary to achieve effective and successful engagement. Momentum is critical, and to achieve maximum success, PR should be seen as a long-term investment.

    E-conveyancing pioneers InfoTrack have had a long-term PR relationship with Adoni Media. Regular campaigns leading to ongoing media coverage, ensure InfoTrack continues to be positioned as property experts, providing thought leader commentary on data, research, and trends.

    Through its PR activity for InfoTrack, the Adoni team has generated more than 100 national media stories, valued at more than $5.4 million, and reaching an audience of more than 4.77 million. Through securing media coverage on their quarterly Property Market Updates, InfoTrack has cemented its position as an industry leader, with their Head of Property Australia, Lee Bailie, appearing on national news programs across TV, print, and radio.

    Mr Bailie said: “Thank you Leisa Goddard and the team at Adoni Media, the training you have provided has set our time for success. It’s a privilege to share our information with those thinking of buying or selling property at the moment.”

    Importance of media coverage

    The visibility extensive media coverage offers raises awareness and drives engagement with the public, allowing real estate organisations to stand out and gain a competitive advantage.

    By providing regular interviews about the housing market and real estate trends, key spokespeople can become ‘go-to’ commentators and thought leaders for journalists covering real estate. This helps build credibility and trust in an organisation’s brand.

    Adoni Media is an experienced PR organisation prepared to assist with your PR needs. Our expert team is ready to tailor a comprehensive PR strategy suited to your organisation and specific company goals to maximise your media opportunities.