Adoni Media, a team that works as an extension of NTI

    Since 2019, Adoni Media has been the long-term PR partner of NTI, Australia’s largest transport and logistics specialist insurer.

    It is a highly valued partnership with Adoni working as an extension of NTI’s in-house marketing team to deliver ongoing PR strategies which raise NTI’s profile. The partnership has extended beyond PR to include crisis communications support for NTI’s customers.

    NTI’s PR and Media Relations Manager, Natalie Easter, said: “Adoni has been instrumental in increasing our PR activity and results but also the capability of NTI people to interact with the media, which in turn has resulted us in being prepared to respond to media enquiries (TV, radio) with little notice.”


    Long-term PR partner

    The Adoni team collaborates closely with NTI to assess PR opportunities across five leading brands, covering heavy vehicles, equipment and machinery, and marine portfolios. The scope requires flexibility with a variety of stories being pitched at any given time. One day it might be a national road safety initiative involving general mainstream media, the next it might be a targeted product launch in a regional area to specific industry publications.

    “Adoni are highly involved and have a deep understanding of our business and our customers,” Ms Easter said.

    Adoni also actively monitors the media and industry news to be able to offer NTI experts to be interviewed as thought leaders in their area of expertise. Adoni assists NTI spokespeople to effectively engage with the media with confidence and ensures they are well-prepared with key messaging relevant to the specific story or topic they are to be interviewed on.

    “Having former journalists work with our internal team enables us to achieve coverage, angles, and Video News Release outcomes that would otherwise be impossible if we were to do this work solely in-house,” former Content Team Leader, Amy Vining, said.

    PR campaign results

    One of NTI’s major announcements is the annual release of the National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTARC) Major Incident Report. NTARC is wholly funded by NTI and offers research and data which forms part of the organisation’s commitment to creating safer roads.

    In 2019, NTI made a strategic move to promote its NTARC report through media coverage for the first time. Adoni orchestrated a well-timed media launch coinciding with the Easter long weekend, a typically ‘bad’ time for the road toll, creating a sense of urgency and interest for journalists.

    To further increase media coverage, Adoni organised a media event at The Australian Trucking Association’s National Trucking Conference in Perth. This provided journalists with another timely reason to run the story and provided access to more than 400 industry experts and truck drivers. The conference served as an ideal backdrop for interviews, allowing for captivating video and photographs to be taken.

    The launch was an outstanding success, achieving more than 150+ national media stories, reaching an audience of more than 4.5 million, and valued at more than $1.7 million.

    Since then, Adoni has held successful press conferences for all subsequent NTARC reports.

    “One of the things we really value in this light, is their staff retention. We’ve collaborated with the same team of people during this time, which is very rare. Over this time our relationship and nature of work has expanded greatly, from individualised campaign work to ongoing national PR and crisis communications support,” Ms Easter said.

    Ongoing success

    “Success for us when looking back on our time working with Adoni is the huge increase in our PR activity alone. During one financial year, we sent out more than 30 media releases with Adoni’s help to both industry media, and mainstream media. Without their help, this would not have been possible,” Ms Vining said.

    At Adoni, we love working with the NTI team to continue to find successful PR opportunities to generate increased activity and visibility for this valued long-term client.

    Clutch review

    Ms Easter said: “Our partnership is longstanding and ongoing.”

    “While NTI has operated for nearly 50 years, PR has really only been part of our overall business strategy in recent times. Adoni has worked with us hand in hand to build our media activity year on year.”

    For other organisations looking to engage a PR Agency, she provided this advice. “Work with an agency that boasts a highly regarded team with real industry experience across all facets of media.”

    “You cannot put a price on shared values and level of expectations.”