From our interns: Riley’s experience

    As I neared the end of my second year at QUT, studying a double degree in Business/ Media and Communications, I knew getting ahead of the game and gaining industry experience was priceless.  While I was lucky enough to already have an internship at another communications agency under my belt, I was eager to delve deeper and learn more surrounding the ins and outs of the PR industry from inspiring professionals such as Leisa Goddard.

    I can confidently say that I gained great ‘real-world’ experience and I am incredibly thankful for my time at Adoni and the invaluable insights of the PR world they were able to provide me.

    From our interns: Riley’s experience

    Life at Adoni:

    After a quick introduction and warm welcome from the team I was off to work! From my first day to my last I had the opportunity to continuously improve on my writing skills as I was given lists of multiple internal and external articles to write. Initially, these tasks seemed a daunting process and I often wondered whether I would complete them in time. However, as Hayley had reassured me from the beginning, my writing began to improve, and my article completion time significantly reduced.

    While entering the internship I understood Adoni Media was an award-winning and well-established firm, however, little did I grasp the extent of the business or the great diversity of clients I would come to work with. Alongside Izzy and Hayley, I was able to help and understand these unique clients and the depth and effort required to create and optimise their social media content.

    From experimenting with infographics to researching content I was never in short supply of work. Nevertheless, the relaxed and friendly environment of the office meant that I was free to work at my own pace and never felt pressured to complete tasks.

    My advice:

    As a young uni student looking to find her way into the industry, any experience is good experience. Jumping in the deep end is often the best way to do just this, as the element of the unknown is often what creates the best opportunities. Don’t be afraid to undertake an internship, not only will it enhance your skills for future jobs and university assignments but will also broaden your network of industry professionals.

    I loved working at Adoni Media and enjoyed being tasked with so many new and different challenges. In particular, collaborating and working with everyone in the office is an invaluable tool as they are the ones to give you the inside tips and tricks.

    I would sincerely like to thank the team at Adoni Media, every one in the office made me feel welcome and allowed me to improve over time all while still having fun and a good laugh. Thank you for all you have done in providing me with industry skills and opportunities and I highly recommend others apply for the internship.