From our interns: Naomi’s experience

    As I entered the latter half of my Bachelor of Communication (majoring in Public Relations) degree, I was eager to experience agency life and learn from some of the best in the business. Adoni Media gave me the opportunity to do this and so much more.

    My Experience

    From the first day of my internship to my last, I always felt that I was a valued member of the Adoni Media team. Rather than simply being told what jobs to do, my supervisors asked me what I wanted to learn and gave me jobs that were tailored towards helping me achieve my goals.

    No job was deemed too big or too small for an intern. From working on guests lists for the Sydney Coliseum Theatre launch event to drafting blog content for a government relations campaign and attending client meetings, I was given every opportunity to work on projects that I had an interest in. It was exciting to see my work published and used, and I felt proud knowing that my hard work was being put to use.

    The people at Adoni Media care for their clients and they care for their interns. No matter what I was working on, there was always someone in the office who was able and willing to share their expertise to help me build my skill set and my confidence. The constant feedback on my work has been invaluable and I have already noticed a significant improvement in my writing and graphic design skills.

    From our interns: Naomi’s experience

    My Advice

    If you are looking to experience what it’s like to work in a fast-paced, fun and friendly team of communications professionals, then look no further than Adoni Media.

    I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity and I cannot thank Leisa, Clare and the whole Adoni Media team enough for giving me the support and advice I needed to grow as a PR professional.