Can a podcast help your business?

    It is hard to ignore the proliferation of podcasts. With everything from business podcasts and true crime, to gardening tips and how-to guides, it seems as though there’s no limit to the things you can talk about in a podcast.

    So, have you considered a podcast for your business? Or more importantly, why should you consider a podcast for your business?

    There are three reasons: trust, loyalty, and conversions.


    What is podcasting and how can it benefit your business?

    Podcasting is simply the process of making digital recordings available online for download or streamed to personal devices. A low-cost alternative to marketing videos, podcasts are an engaging form of content that is evergreen and can be integrated with SEO (search engine optimisation). By increasing your consumer touch points in conjunction with offering further value, podcasts could be your answer to attracting new customers, improving business prospects, and increasing traffic to your website.

    Beyond this, the more casual, personal tone of podcasts allows the development of meaningful relationships. It also gives you a platform to communicate the personality of your brand as well as your knowledge and expertise.

    Why should you create a business podcast?

    As with all marketing initiatives, whether it be Facebook advertising or general social media management, the first question you need to ask is “who is my audience and what kind of content are they looking for?”.

    Not every business needs a podcast. But, if your target audience engages in this type of content, there could be many benefits in creating your own podcast. Audio is an easy and effective way to get your point across and can be a great way to repurpose written content. And by sharing links to podcast episode across your social media channels, podcasting can increase your visibility online and help generate conversations about your brand.

    Is there value in being a guest on a business podcast?

    Being a guest on a business podcast gives you a platform to share your business story and provides an opportunity to boost your personal brand. Like other PR efforts, podcasting is a great way to build brand authority and trust. It allows you to share your expertise and knowledge in a long-form interview.

    The average length of a podcast is around 30 minutes with trends showing that shorter podcasts are more popular. Even so, this gives you the time you need to go in depth and provide as much detail as you can about your business.

    Adoni Media has had several clients featured on business podcasts, including Chicken Treat CEO Mimma Battista on Podcast My Business and Cheese Therapy co-founders Sam Penny and Helen Shadforth on Small Business Big Marketing.

    Whether you are publishing a podcast yourself or are being interviewed as a guest talent on another business podcast, every episode allows your audience to find out new information about you and grow more comfortable with your business.

    To learn more about how a podcast can help your business, reach out to the Adoni Media team today by contacting us.