How PR can help environmental organisations

    The environment makes news every day. More and more people are becoming concerned about issues such as global warming, climate change, pollution, waste disposal, and the greenhouse effect.

    It’s an important sector and environmental organisations are increasingly looking for publicity and exposure to raise awareness about their brand and what they stand for.

    From the announcement of partnerships, research findings and rebrands, to lobbying for change, Adoni Media has helped a range of environmental organisations in Australia have their stories told.

    Here are a few case studies:


    Australian Wildlife Conservancy

    Australian Wildlife Conservancy approached Adoni Media to promote its new partnership with the Wilinggin Aboriginal Corporation that gave scientists access to 1.73 million hectares of land for conservation.

    While the partnership meant a great step forward in wildlife conservation, the story’s location in Western Australia’s Kimberley region was far too remote for a media event. To ensure journalists were still able to cover the story, Adoni Media created a Video News Release which combined news grabs with overlay of the region, and distributed it to news outlets around the country. This led to national coverage across Ten News, NITV and GWN, valued at almost $180,000, and reaching an audience of more than 330,000 Australians.

    Total Environment Centre

    Total Environment Centre utilised the help of Adoni Media to lobby for an improved Cash for Container scheme in South East Queensland. Its independent “health report” found two years after launch, the Queensland system was inadequate, resulting in a far lower recycle return rate than in other states.

    Adoni Media first dropped the story as an exclusive to The Courier Mail and arranged for a photoshoot at a container recycling point. Stories followed in 9 News Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast newspapers, as well as industry publications including Eco Voice, The Fifth Estate, Inside Waste and Waste Management Review.

    The Water Conservancy

    The Water Conservancy sought media coverage for its rebrand, so Adoni Media devised a PR strategy to distribute media releases containing localised research findings on World Water Day. National coverage was achieved with 34 stories appearing across television, radio, print and online, reaching an audience of 900,000 with a value of more than $300,000. Find out more in our case study here.

    Boomerang Alliance

    Community group Boomerang Alliance rallied against a proposal for beverage giants Lion and Coca Cola to manage Victoria’s yet-to-be-implemented Container Refund Scheme and approached Adoni Media to help have their message heard. They believed the more containers recycled, the more it costs the beverage industry, so a system that adequately promotes recycling was not in a beverage company’s interest. By guaranteeing a first run, Adoni Media achieved lengthy coverage in industry publication The Fifth Estate, followed by a story on WIN News which played regionally across Victoria.

    Adoni Media is a PR Agency that has offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. As you can tell from the case studies above, the team has extensive experience in designing and delivering public relations strategies for environmental organisations.

    Since 2012, we have delivered proven results for clients in the environment sector, helping to build and grow their brands and reputations.

    To find out how we can help you achieve your communication goals, contact us.