Tips for improving your public speaking skills

    Public speaking is a genuine fear for a lot of people, whether it be in front of a crowd or conducting one-on-one client meetings. Adoni Media understands the distress that can come with presenting so has collated a list of tips to help you improve your presentation and help reduce your nerves.

    1. Breathe

    When you are nervous, you often breath shallowly causing your muscles to tighten. You may also be a person who gets voice quivers, which is a result of your shallow breathing. Focus on taking deep breaths in and out, this will help you to slow your pace and trick your body into feeling calmer.

    1. Know your stuff

    Practice your material before the big day, but don’t memorise it. No one wants to hear you speaking like a robot. The quality of your words is one of many things people pay attention to, in addition to your tone of voice and body language. Instead of memorising a speech word for word, get to know the main points you want to get across to your audience, and focus more on connecting with your audience.

    Tips for improving your public speaking skills

    1. Get to know your surroundings

    Adapt yourself to the presentation space. The more you adjust yourself to the space the more comfortable you will feel. If you have enough time, have a walk around and figure out any possible distractions at the venue so you feel more prepared when it’s your turn to present.

    1. Entertain as well as convey information

    Your audience will retain more information if they are enjoying themselves, rather than if they are bored. No matter what the subject matter, find ways to integrate content that is entertaining for the audience. It may require a little bit more research or imagination, but the time will convert directly into engagement.

    1. Don’t try to cover too much material

    Knowing what to include and leave out can really make or break your presentation. Your presentation should be full of insightful information, but you should not try to address every aspect of the topic in one go. Be hard on yourself during the editing process, continually ask yourself as you are reading through, does this add to my presentation topic?

    1. Accept constructive criticism and apply it

    As they say, practice makes perfect. Have a ‘dress rehearsal’ before the big day in front of people who are skilled at public speaking and seek their honest feedback. Jot down their advice and think of ways you can improve your presentation to reflect their comments.

    Presentation training with us

    If you’re looking to scrub up on your public speaking skills or build your confidence, we offer presentation skills training. Our Managing Director, Leisa Goddard, will lead you through the course and teach you tips that will help you prepare for any situation. You and your team will participate in a variety of real-life training activities. To book a tailored session today, contact us.