The growing power of PR as newsrooms shrink

    It’s no secret the media landscape has changed significantly over the past 20 years.

    With the help of social media and online publications, the need for large-scale, traditional, newsrooms has diminished over time. However, the power of PR has emerged as a silver lining.

    PR professionals now play a crucial role in shaping stories and generating awareness and are excellent at building a positive reputation and relationships between journalists, companies, and their target audiences.


    Changes in the media

    Digital transformations, such as the rise of social media, have changed the way we consume news.

    The benefit of digital sites being able to be accessed 24/7 allows consumers to stay up to date with the news at their own leisure and at their own time. Additionally, people can choose who and what to follow, allowing them to only follow those who align with their interests.

    Unlike traditional television, radio and print news outlets which cover a broad array of topics, consumers are now scrolling and surfing online like never before, watching and listening to whomever they choose, whenever they choose.

    Changes in PR

    So, where does PR step in? As organisations struggle to secure media coverage solely through traditional news platforms, which are shrinking, PR professionals are the crucial link between their clients and the ever-expanding array of media outlets appearing online.

    Content creation

    PR jobs can range from anything from crisis communications and media relations to social media management and content creation.

    With the ability to write creative stories, PR professionals possess the skills to engage audiences through storytelling such as thought leadership stories, social media, content, and blog posts. They can bypass traditional media outlets and distribute content to social media networks and influencers. PR advocates for the client and delivers the best outcomes possible for them.

    Influencer partnerships

    The rise of social media, particularly social media influencers, has been another factor of the changing media landscape.

    Influencers have gained prominence as trusted news sources. Therefore, PR professionals can utilise social media influencers to grow awareness of their client and share news. With fewer newsrooms, influencers have enormous reach and the ability to effectively engage with specific audiences which resonate with the organisation in which they promote.

    As Monique Dews, Adoni Media’s Director of Accounts and Strategy, said: “people are always looking for validation, which is where influencers can prove to be very useful.”

    Crisis Communications

    The power of social media has accelerated and amplified crises.

    PR professionals need to be equipped with skills and knowledge to advise organisations on how to effectively manage all types of crises. Effective crisis communications assist organisations with maintaining a positive reputation in challenging times.

    The team at Adoni Media has experience working in Issues and Crisis Management on both sides of the media. As senior journalists covering scandals, business failings, and terror attacks, working for programs including A Current Affair and in newsrooms across the country, the Adoni Media team has the know-how to advise clients on how to protect their brand and reputation.

    Video News Releases

    Sadly, as newsrooms shrink or close, there are fewer journalists to report the news. A Video News Release has become a powerful PR tool to gain media coverage in regional areas, or when news crews are unable to attend a planned media event.

    In a world where traditional newsrooms are no longer necessarily the preferred outlet for news, the power of PR is crucial in allowing an organisation to be seen and heard.

    If you’d like to work with the experienced team at Adoni Media to help achieve your communication goals, contact us.