Social Media content writing: What should you know?

    How often do you engage with social media content? When scrolling through Facebook, you really stop to read that article or interact with that post? Did you really listen to that Instagram video or did you briefly scan it and move on?

    In a world now driven by online activity, social media channels have taken the lead as indispensable platforms to produce and share content. As social media encompasses an incredibly diverse user base, reaching every corner of Earth, it is crucial you understand the best ways to craft content that will engage and captivate audiences across multiple platforms.

    Our Communications Director Clare Christensen says creating effective social media content that is relevant to the specific target group is integral to a successful social media campaign.

    “It’s important to keep content engaging and relevant for different target groups” she says.

    “Deeper and strategic thought needs to be put into the writing of social media content to enhance user engagement rather then render it ineffective. Researching your content and staying up to date with current news events and trends is a great way to convey your personal or professional brand successfully and reach a multitude of people.”

    Social Media content writing: What should you know?

    There are a variety of tips that can help you produce effective content on a regular basis. Below are some of the things you need to know to be a successful content writer.

    Know your platform:

    As social media platforms have cemented their place as valuable avenues to increase personal and professional branding, each platform has also formed a varied and unique environment that differs from each other. As Facebook is different to Twitter, so too is Twitter different to Instagram and LinkedIn. What you may write for a company’s Facebook page may not be appropriate for information that is published in a media release. Therefore, to ensure that as a media professional you are making the most of your posts, your should tailor your content to optimise your posts on each platform.

    Target your audience:

    Knowing your audience is crucial. Tailoring your messages to a specific target group that share interests and communication channels can be a great way to build trust amongst these audiences. For example, targeting content to elderly women would be very different to pitching to young children.

    Experiment with your content strategy:

    Due to social media platforms being a constantly changing landscape, be prepared to adapt to new trends and likes on social media through different types of content. In order to build a well-rounded and exclusive content strategy you can use articles, videos and infographics right through to blog posts.

    “Experimenting with a variety of content types will allow you to decipher what works best for different target groups and allow for higher engagement levels,” Clare said.

    Utilise research and referencing

    Establishing legitimacy online is an essential component that cannot be overlooked. Ensure you write and release quality content that is backed up by research and fact checking.  This will help your brand authority and reputation.