From our interns: Zoe’s experience

    In the last semester of my Bachelor of Communications (major PR; minor Advertising) I chose an internship course. My first step was to find a company that would allow me in the building. So, I began my search and Googled, “best PR company Brisbane”. Enter Adoni Media.

    I had one non-negotiable when looking for a place to intern – I wanted to work for a strong female leader. Suffice to say, Adoni Media stood out.

    From our interns: Zoe’s experience

    As soon as I saw Leisa Goddard’s name on the Adoni Media website, I was sold. I actually refused to apply anywhere else, which stressed out my course coordinator.

    My experience

    When I stepped into the open-plan office, smelled the essential oils and spied a Himalayan salt lamp, I knew I was in the right place.

    Clare and Olivia interviewed me, which was exciting as I had stalked them both on LinkedIn. I tried to keep my enthusiasm appropriate for a first-time meeting.

    From the start I was thrown into writing (my dyslexic horror). It was work. I had limited experience writing internal and external articles and my early work reflected my inexperience. The feedback from Hayley and Olivia was priceless. I found out I was often hyperbolic and redundant –but it got better.

    Over time, the articles needed less tweaking, my assignment writing was faster, and my grades improved. It was a great feeling to have my work published. I printed them off to stick on the fridge.

    Aside from writing I enjoyed working on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and digital communications. I was taught how to confidently use programs such as Google My Business, AdWords and WordPress. I explored and observed the digital media process and learnt how to incorporate SEO techniques into my writing through backlinks and keywords.

    Seeing Adoni Media’s Head of Digital, Milan’s work taught me a lot about the technology side of the industry and has sparked my interest in website development. A highlight was when I learnt about Latin filler text, after initially mistaking it for a style of font.

    The team

    The culture at Adoni Media is wonderful. The entire team is kind, generous and fun. I instantly felt welcomed and valued. I was included in business conferences, Work in Progress (WIP) meetings and always felt comfortable asking questions.

    I feel really lucky to have learnt from the best in such a beautiful environment.

    Leisa’s leadership is the main take away for me. I hope one day to be the boss, so I always take note from the leaders in my life. Lesia is on it. She understands the balance of leading and supporting her team. She offers praise, provides insights and knows what needs to be done. Her experience in the industry is brilliant, but it is her attitude and approach that set Adoni Media a part.

    If you are looking for industry experience, I strongly recommend contacting Adoni Media. Don’t be shy, they don’t bite.