Common mistakes made on Social Media

    Are you making common mistakes on social media? These days if your business doesn’t have a social media account – you’re doing something wrong. It is a cheap and simple marketing tool that helps to promote your brand. Yet many companies are not making the most of their social media strategy. Here are some common mistakes we notice when taking on clients:

    1. Know the goal of your social media account.

    Many people focus on the idea of getting lots of likes or followers on their socials, but what is the point in that? Are you trying to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website or generate new leads? Learning how these metrics can have a positive impact on your business is key to creating your social media strategy.

    1. Poor dealings with negative comments.

    It’s inevitable that not everyone will like your business and social media is usually the first place they will jump to leave a negative review. Deleting or ignoring someone’s comment is a big no, it will only make people more angry. Instead, your business should see this as an opportunity to get honest feedback on your user experience. Firstly apologise, but don’t stop there. Show the customer that you will do something to make the experience better next time.

    Common mistakes made on Social Media

    1. Too much selling, not enough communicating.

    People loathe advertising, so spending too much time on your channel promoting your brand will cause you to lose followers. Instead your company needs to work out relevant content that will engage your audience around your business’ industry, then work in a few promotional posts every now and then.

    1. Unvaried content.

    No one wants to see the same kinds of posts popping into their feeds every few days. It is important to find ways to diversify your content to ensure your consumers stay engaged. A good place to start is your own blog posts, relevant memes, new links and sharing customers posts.

    1. Creating the account for the sake of having social media.

    Setting up a social media page is just the first step of owning an account. The only thing worse than not having social media for your business, is owning an account that is not updated frequently. Once your page is created, your followers will expect a steady stream of posts as well as quick responses to any comments and messages sent to the account.   

    1. Not tracking analytics.

    You should be using social media’s inbuilt analytics function to track the metrics of each post and know what is working the best for your audience. From here, you have the option of putting money into posts that are doing well to extend their reach or use that post as a guide to creating similar ones in the future. You can also see the key demographic engaging with your brand and tailor your posts to get the most engagement. Using analytics is a great tool to see the direction your social media should be taking.

    If your business is needing help with their social media management, give the team at Adoni Media a call today.