PR Marketing: How do they support each other?

    PR marketing campaigns can be extremely effective and create more opportunities. The team at Adoni Media was thrilled to recently launch Australia’s newest children’s edu-tainment group Team Rescue. Our PR strategy gained great media exposure for co-creators Greg Page and Tony Chicco – with their story appearing on Weekend Sunrise, Studio 10, national newspapers and radio bulletins and nightly news bulletins across channels 7, 9 and Ten.

    Given the huge opportunity to maximise this coverage and build upon the results from this campaign, we were quick to recommend a strategic digital marketing strategy to run alongside the PR campaign to boost exposure.

    The importance of a social presence

    As with any successful public relations campaign, there is great opportunity to share the media coverage and snippets or screenshots from the story on social media, both on your organic feed and as a paid campaign. However, if you are directing traffic to your website and social media channels, it is important your profile is complete, fully optimised and posting consistent and frequent quality content. This is extremely important because people who have seen your coverage on television or have heard about you through word of mouth will be extremely likely to search your business online, looking for more details about your product or service offering.

    PR Marketing: How do they support each other?

    In the case of Team Rescue, the importance of a social presence came after the coverage aired. It was important that their business was searchable, and secondly that when the page was found, it was active. We built a strategy including informative, interesting and engaging content to build brand credibility, paint a good first impression and give the opportunity to build a loyal and long-term fan base.

    I’m a new business owner. How do I build a social presence?

    It’s important to decide which social media platforms are suitable when considering who it is you are trying to target. Select which platforms are right for you, and create the accounts, ensuring all possible business information is filled out, including easily accessible contact details. For example, for Team Rescue, we ensured there was an easy way to direct traffic to watch the show from the home page, so the link to watch the show is pinned to the top of the timeline, and a ‘Watch Now’ button is included on the page, as seen below.

    This can be applied to any business, as Facebook allows the opportunity to include direct call to action on a business page, such as ‘Book Appointment, ‘Call Now’, or ‘Learn More’.

    Following this, decide what type of content you’d like to post, prepare your copy and imagery in advance, and schedule your content in advance to avoid having to constantly thinking of new ideas and posting collateral every day.

    If you have questions about planning an integrated digital campaign and social media strategy in to your next PR launch our team at Adoni Media would love to help.