The power of PR and Storytelling

    Public relations (PR) is all about storytelling. It revolves around the use of content and news to share a message about a business, product, or endeavour. Although they work closely together, PR is not advertising or marketing, but it holds the same importance in a business. Due to technological advancements and social media blurring the lines between traditional and online media, PR has taken many faces.

    From media relations, to crisis communications to social media management, the team at Adoni Media have experienced it all. Here are the reasons why we believe PR is an asset to any business.

    Increase visibility

    Media relations activities are a great way to get your business name in front of the people that matter most. In such a competitive media environment, you want to ensure your business creates and maintains a positive public face and reputation to audiences.

    Becoming visible is one thing, maintaining visibility is another. Keep your audience up to date by gaining media coverage and constantly updating websites and social media channels.

    Our Communications Director Clare Christensen said, “Make sure you tailor your messaging and content for different platforms – what you write for a business themed media release might not be appropriate for your company’s Facebook page, for example.”

    The power of PR and Storytelling

    Build credibility

    Trust plays an important role in any business’s success. If your audience doesn’t trust you, you can easily lose sales and brand recognition. Think about how you can position your business in front of others in your field and build credibility. This can be through pitching timely content to be published in industry and news media.

    It is also important to build relationships with media outlets and journalists to help gain media coverage and maintain a positive reputation in the media.

    “Having connections with journalists can mean the difference between your story being covered or not,” Clare said.

    Crisis communication

    Do you have a plan of action in the event of a crisis? PR can help you navigate through these troubled waters and maintain a positive reputation with your clients and in the media. And here is where your relationships with journalists and media outlets can be fully utilised. Outline and anticipate current threats so your business knows how to respond. In a world where everything can be rapidly shared, it has never been more important to have strategies in place to ensure quick, effective and accurate response to crisis.

    Adoni Media managing Director Leisa Goddard said it’s important to have an honest comment and key messages prepared for the public and a suitable spokesperson ready to address the media.

    “This should involve media training for all those who are likely to face the media in a time of crisis,” she said.

    “Knowing what to say and how to say it is incredibly important, particularly if you come under fire because of something that has happened at your organisation.”