LinkedIn tips for your business

    Do you need some LinkedIn tips? LinkedIn, as a social media platform, has evolved into more than just a place to look for a new job. If used effectively, it can be a great platform to grow your brand, engage with a professional audience and build relationships within your industry. 

    Here are some LinkedIn tips for your business. 

    Update profile  

    First step to engaging your audience on LinkedIn is updating your business profile to ensure it is completed in full. Make sure employees update their profiles as well to include their current position at your company. This suggests your employees have a certain amount of pride and loyalty in your company and will increase visibility.   

    Be active  

    Increasing activity on LinkedIn is an easy way to boost reach for your content. Facilitate conversation by asking questions and responding to comments. This helps to engage with your audience in two-way conversations rather than monopolising an interaction to get your message across. Look for opportunities to be friendly and personable with your responses to connect with your audience more effectively. 

    LinkedIn tips for your business

    Give your audience what they want  

    LinkedIn is used to share career and business news and advice. In addition to posting this type of contenttry to provide any key insights and unique thoughts to make your posts more interesting. With built-in LinkedIn Page Analytics, you can easily keep an eye on likes, shares and comments to see what engages your audience. 

    Diversify your content

    Avoid posting the same content and try to experiment with different types of content to see which mediums resonate with your audience. People usually browse fast and efficiently on LinkedIn, so your content needs to be short and concise. Video content is a great way to grab your audiences’ attention quickly and convey information in a succinct, engaging way.  

    At Adoni Media, we typically share media coverage that we have gained for our clients and provide constant updates on what Leisa and the team has been up to. We find this type of content engages with our audience most effectively, and also provides more visibility for our clients and the business. 

    Take advantage of hashtags 

    Hashtags can help users find topics and content of interest. Try to use three to five relevant hashtags in your posts to reach your audience more effectively. Hashtags are also a great way to engage in topical conversations with other users and business pages. They will help your page appear in trending conversations which will be favourable amongst your audience.   

    Mention & share content from other pages 

    Sharing content from other pages shows that your business is engaged in your industry and want to engage with like-minded people and business’. Whether it be mentioning influential people in your industry or non-competing companies that you respect and wish to be associated with. In doing so, other pages may be more inclined to share your content as well, increasing your audience reach and brand visibility. 

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