How to use a Video News Release to promote your brand

    Have you heard of a Video News Release?

    A Video News Release or a VNR, as it is known in the media and PR world, is a very powerful tool to have in any public relations strategy.

    A VNR is the television friendly equivalent of a press release and features interviews with key spokespeople or stakeholders, as well as general ‘overlay’ pictures which are used in the editing process to create a TV news story.

    A VNR is often released in conjunction with a traditional press release and provides a “ready to go” resource for TV stations.


    The advantage of a Video News Release

    Some of the biggest advantages of a Video News Release are the ability to control key messaging and manage time pressures, and the opportunity to create lasting and valuable media assets for your organisation.

    A Video News Release allows you to craft your message exactly as you would like, cover off key points, and feature main spokespeople.

    Shrinking newsrooms and major breaking news means nowadays, it’s often hard to have a TV camera operator come to your story – but chances of coverage are increased when the vision and press release are sent directly to stations for them to use.

    A VNR for the Wizard of Oz In Concert

    Adoni Media recently had the privilege of creating a VNR for Wizard Of Oz In Concert for our valued client the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC).

    Adoni staff and a cameraman attended an afternoon rehearsal at the Old Brisbane Museum, and interviewed members of the cast, as well as the Director and Producer of the show. We also recorded exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the show.

    General media weren’t given access to the rehearsal and so distributing the VNR to media organisations was the only way they were able to cover the event.

    Fast-paced messaging

    With modern technology, it is possible for the cameraman and PR professionals to work together to create a VNR on-the-spot for maximum efficiency.

    The footage can be viewed via a laptop, with segments chosen, edited, and exported within minutes.  The spokespeople and key stakeholders can then view the edit and offer on-the-spot checks and approvals.

    Once the final edit is complete, the video can be hyperlinked in an email, that is then sent directly to the inboxes of newsrooms and TV journalists within minutes of completion.

    Having your story told in the news

    The modern TV newsroom has been under increasing pressure in terms of reduced staff, tight timelines, short deadlines, and dwindling resources.

    Added to that, the continued growth of social media platforms, has boosted the workload of journalists, who are sometimes required to complete a TV news story as well as provide digital news updates, and other tailored posts via Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) multiple times a day.

    A VNR delivered to the inbox of a media organisation saves the journalist valuable time and means they don’t have to physically attend a press conference with a cameraman.

    This is helpful for stretched capital city newsrooms but especially for regional newsrooms, where they are unable to attend a press conference due to location limitations.

    Growing your Media Assets and Shareability

    A VNR can be a valuable resource for any organisation, as it can be part of your media assets library in perpetuity for multiple applications.

    Key messaging and answers to frequently asked questions can be used for internal as well as external communication opportunities.

    Snippets of the VNR can also be edited, re-purposed and shared across an organisation’s social media accounts. This increases brand awareness, and brand engagement, while keeping customers and stakeholders abreast of important company information and news stories.

    Media Training

    Key spokespeople can also practise their delivery of key messaging in tailored media training sessions in preparation for their role in a VNR. Honing presentation skills in front of a camera, in a carefully controlled environment, is perfect preparation for when you are required to record your ‘grabs’ that will be sent to the media.

    The experience can then provide valuable insight for future media press conferences, or ‘doorstop’ interviews in front of working journalists.

    The Adoni Media PR Advantage

    Adoni Media’s Founder and Managing Director, Leisa Goddard, introduced VNRs to Australia, after seeing them used to great effect on the Hollywood red carpet when she was the US Bureau Chief for Channel 10, based in Los Angeles.

    If you would like to discuss how a VNR can be part of your PR strategy, we encourage you to reach out for a confidential discussion with our team.

    Let our experience with VNRs be your PR Advantage.