Queensland Performing Arts Centre

In the media


Ahead of opening nights, and to announce new shows, QPAC stages media calls. However, breaking news or a shortage of camera crews on the day can mean television networks can’t always attend.

QPAC’s back-up plan is a Video News Release. Adoni Media sends its team of former TV journalists and cameramen to film the event, edit the highlights, and distribute the footage and interviews to reporters so they have what they need to cover the story.

For QPAC, having a VNR also gives them the quality content they need for social media, EDMs, and online.


Adoni Media has been producing broadcast quality Video News Releases for QPAC since 2014 with newsrooms around Australia using footage and interviews from VNRs to publish stories on-air and online.

Adoni has produced dozens of VNRs for clients including Disney, Cirque de soleil, Australian productions and international ballet companies such as the Russian Bolshoi and The Royal Ballet.

Nine News, Seven News, Network Ten, News Limited and Fairfax have all used material from Adoni’s VNRs.

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