How to ask for reviews to grow your business

    Reviews matter with 93% of customers choosing a service based on feedback.  So here is some tips on how to ask for reviews.

    Types of Reviews


    Quote testimonials and reviews allow brands to share the voice of their loyal customers to help build brand trust.

    A quote testimonial and review can be displayed in an ad or as a graphic that is shared across social media. It is a really effective way of connecting with your target audience and if you can ask your client for permission to share a photo even better!

    Case Study 

    A case study is an opportunity to give potential customers an insight into how your company works and what they can expect from you.

    For service-based businesses, it is a perfect tool for highlighting your strengths and differentiating yourself in the market.

    Where possible include client quotes as well as any supporting facts, figures, and Return On Investment (ROI) you may have achieved.

    How to ask for reviews to grow your business

    Interview Customers 

    Everyone is busy and sometimes even customers who are your greatest cheerleader won’t always have the time to write a review so why not ask them to participate in a quick interview.

    A few minutes spent asking a couple of questions over the phone and, with their permission, recording the interview will give you both quotes and audio that can be shared.

    Social Media 

    Social Media channels organically capture customer testimonials which makes monitoring of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and every platform you use a critical part of your marketing plan.

    When you find positive reviews share them and always engage with your customers. People want to feel heard and that is even more important if they have not had a good experience.

    Blog Posts

    If one of your customers has had a great experience, consider asking them to write a blog about the service or product and what it was like working with your company. To readers, it is seen as an unbiased testimonial because it is coming from the voice of a customer.

    The blog can be shared across your social media and published on your website. The customer may even agree to post it on their digital platforms which increases your audience reach.

    Media Review

    Have your public relations agency or internal corporate communications manager seek out opportunities for journalists and online publications to review your business or product.

    If you are in hospitality and run a restaurant or café invite a food critic to enjoy a meal and for businesses promoting products consider sending samples to reporters and online reviewers and influencers.

    Video and Audio

    If you are face-to-face with your customers or clients take the opportunity, if they’re willing, to record a video or audio testimonial. You can do it using your smartphone and it can be as simple as asking one or two questions about their experience and why they would recommend you. The video or audio clips can then be shared across social and posted to your website.

    In Summary 

    Whatever form of review you choose to share, ensure it is on-brand and speaks to your target audience in a way that makes them want to learn more about what you and what you have to offer.

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