Four ways PR adds value to your business

    Every business has a story to tell that can build brand awareness and help customers and stakeholders better understand the service you provide and importantly, why you do what you do.

    The challenge is knowing how to tell your story and that’s where PR can add value to your business. 

    Public Relations gives you access to media and communication experts, who help identify what’s interesting about your story and shape it in a way that makes it relevant to your audience. The key to good PR is partnering with a team that has the knowledge and media contacts to distribute your story to the right publications and programs to target your customers, stakeholders, and industry. 

    To help you better understand how PR adds value to your business we asked  Leisa Goddard, who founded national public relations firm Adoni Media, to break down some of the key value-adds. 

    Four ways PR adds value to your business

    PR increases the visibility of your products and services  

    PR can help to put your business’s product/service in front of potential customers. Media coverage increases the number of people exposed to your brand and helps your business be seen. Publicity earned through PR raises awareness for your products and services which can drive sales.

    PR personalises your brand  

    People like to put a face to a name and a business and brand are no different. Consumers and decision-makers want to know the people, ethics and experience of the professionals they are doing business with. PR adds value because it works to promote facts, research, and stories that build brand trust both in a business and in the leadership team. 

    PR builds your audience 

    Using PR helps to retain existing customers and clients as well as attract a new target audience. Good PR professionals will do the research to understand your market and have the media industry knowledge to match it to publications and outlets that target the appropriate demographic. 

    PR builds your brand  

    Every PR opportunity is a chance to promote your core beliefs, strategy and successes. All PR campaigns should provide clients with media assets including fact sheets, video and image libraries, and key messages that help journalists tell your story. 

    The Adoni team has delivered a number of successful PR campaigns since Leisa Goddard founded the national public relations firm in 2012.

    For example, a two-week campaign to launch Australia’s newest world-class performance venue, The Sydney Coliseum Theatre, as a go-to destination resulted in more than 430 media stories, the equivalent in $5.5 million of coverage, and had an audience reach of nearly 600 million people.

    If you can see the benefits of using PR to add value to your business, the team at Adoni Media can help. To take the next step contact us