Award glory at Adoni – The West End Magazine

Award glory at Adoni – The West End Magazine

    Brisbane television journalist, Leisa Goddard, has claimed a name in the public relations (PR) world, by recently winning a national award for her health campaign, Your Health Your Choice.

    Ms Goddard is a former foreign correspondent and reporter on A Current Affair and Today Tonight, and has since founded her own public relations and digital media agency, Adoni Media.

    Ms Goddard is no stranger to the award red carpet, having been awarded for her work as a journalist in Afghanistan during the war.

    Her award-winning health campaign is Australia’s largest effort to protect natural therapies and medicine to date.

    The campaign was launched in July and featured on the Federal Health Department’s ‘current issues list’, and within a fortnight accumulated more than 32,000 people to the cause.

    Currently, more than 68,000 Australians have signed the petition for a Senate Inquiry into the bias against natural therapies.

    The campaign won the Judges Choice Award at the 18th annual Complementary Medicines Australia awards (CMA) in Sydney.

    Your Health Your Choice, aims to unite Australians who use alternative medicines with the business sector that produces the medicines, to bring these parties together and orchestrate a voice for users of these remedies.

    “That ability to create a united voice is why the campaign won the award,” Ms Goddard said.

    Ms Goddard’s PR firm, Adoni Media, has played a crucial role in the promotion of the campaign, while managing the media and digital accounts for companies in resources, health, law, finance, fashion, and the arts.

    Petrina Reichman is the spokesman for Your Health Your Choice and the Vice President of the Australian Homeopathic Association.

    She said that Adoni Media was the key to the successful reach of the campaign.

    “We would not have been able to do it without you (Adoni Media),” Ms Reichman announced at the CMA gala.

    Ms Goddard is now a successful media coach, working with CEOs and executive teams to produce effective media campaigns.

    She will continue to lead Your Health Your Choice, and fight for more comprehensive legislation on complementary medicines.